[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] Special Guest JUNGWOO, "I Love You, Dad"😥😥 (ENG SUB)

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ヶ月 前

[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] Special Guest JUNGWOO, "I Love You, Dad"😥😥 (ENG SUB)
The word he couldn't say
"I Love You, Dad"

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Bias Pelangi
Bias Pelangi 4 日 前
Someone please tell me the bgm song..
mink ヶ月 前
Tricky if parents themselves not get along well yet still live under same roof both equally stubborn prideful..as much as wanting to express our love to them they're both want us to choose side..so express through an act rather words might suit the situation
Khairunnisa Kamal
Khairunnisa Kamal ヶ月 前
This hit me hard because I’m the type that really bad at express my feeling and word. I guess because my parents also like that. We never said ‘i love you’ toward each other. I’m afraid if I don’t have a chance to say that ‘i love you mum and dad’ and regret to it like forever 😭😣☹️
crazzee247 ヶ月 前
If he’s drinking to be able to sleep, he needs to seek therapy or someone to talk to. I get it but it will ruin him.
Aaron Yang
Aaron Yang ヶ月 前
This hit me so hard. When my Dad left us I could not remember if I ever told him I loved him. Everyday goes by and the regret grows more and more. I tell him I love him now but I wish I could've said that when he was still with me.
xoxo smile
xoxo smile ヶ月 前
I feel you😢
Cik Nana
Cik Nana ヶ月 前
My mom died last year at the hospital. A week before, the doctor tell us about her condition. We all know we gonna lost her forever. Every night, I try to tell her that I love her so much. But I cant. I want to, but Im too shy. Her last day, she hugs and kiss me and say she love me. After 2 year, I still regret just like people in this video
Collottee39 ヶ月 前
I can relate to this, it made me cry sooo much, my father and i were so close but before he died we fight a lot i didnt even get a chance to say sorry to him before he passed away......and thats my big regret.....i say sorry to him but its too late already he's gone.....😭😭😭
Sonam Zangmo
Sonam Zangmo ヶ月 前
Be happy always.
Luo Luo
Luo Luo ヶ月 前
The scenery is beautiful and min jongssi crying make me sad.
Nisa Afni
Nisa Afni ヶ月 前
Hashimina ヶ月 前
my mom died when i was 17, and i couldn't tell her that i love her because i'm such a troubled teen, watching this today made me regret everything i did in the past, i should visit my father more often as my father gets older and him and my older brother were remaining family members
That Tears shows that how much he loves his mother 👍👍👍😭😭👍👍👍❤️
Donalyn Sevilleja
Donalyn Sevilleja ヶ月 前
my mom pass away when im in 1st year highschool and my lil bro.is still 6yrs.old back then ...until now i have regret dat i dint even say d words even once to my moms face dat i love her (i only say in my heart dat i love her)it really breaks my heart...
Domniac Corp.
Domniac Corp. ヶ月 前
Oh c'mon. Stop acting in front of camera.😂 I just cannot believe this nonsense.
muhammad nugraha
muhammad nugraha ヶ月 前
You better don't comment anything, you're annoying
Domniac Corp.
Domniac Corp. ヶ月 前
@Cik Nana Yeah I've lost few people. And no, I won't accept their offer.
Cik Nana
Cik Nana ヶ月 前
Have you ever lost someone you love before? And will you accept if someone ask you to cry in front of camera about your lost one? Will you follow the script?
Domniac Corp.
Domniac Corp. ヶ月 前
@KHJ87 Real men cry when they are alone, Not in front of people. If they are doing so, it's an act.🙏🏼 I didn't asked for your validation. Go and mind your own business. Why are you guys bashing my comment thread. Just go and mind your own businesses.
Chimera Bachus
Chimera Bachus ヶ月 前
@Domniac Corp. what's your problem?
I just buried my dad 2 days ago and this hit home. There are a lot of things i wish I said to him too. I urge everyone to honor, love, & respect your parents despite how annoying they might be atm.
@•PotatoPotatoPotage• thank you. How kind🙏🏾
•PotatoPotatoPotage• ヶ月 前
I’m so sorry, may he rest in peace. I send all my prayers, my love and virtual hugs from a a far away country to you and your family. May strength, ease and miracle hit you and your family massively.
@Lusy Halam thank you🙏🏾
Lusy Halam
Lusy Halam ヶ月 前
May his soul rest in peace
RYAN F.M. ヶ月 前
Why it says running man on the video picture?
Vani ヶ月 前
OMG I miss him in dramas and movies....
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