[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] Celebrity vs Pro Baseball Players match⚾ (ENG SUB)

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13 日 前

Who's gonna be the winner?
Ep. 153

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Yosselyn Pozadas
Yosselyn Pozadas 7 時間 前
Where can I watch the show? Some app?
Mhar Cubrita
Mhar Cubrita 17 時間 前
Fighting oppa LSG& Cha🇵🇭🇰🇷🙏
Mina 2 日 前
So this is the real ryu hyun jin oppa in true beauty
Norpazdlyeana 11
Norpazdlyeana 11 2 日 前
Can someone tell me whats episode ths vdeo?
Vivian Bergorio
Vivian Bergorio 3 日 前
Im so inlove with eunwoo❤️
Raa Gyul
Raa Gyul 3 日 前
Why Donghyun is so naturally funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Polythene Pam
Polythene Pam 4 日 前
Choi should have been here
Sir Dope
Sir Dope 4 日 前
MB 5 日 前
9:41 - 10:15 the funniest part for me HAAHHAHA I laughed so much 😭😂
tjah_ayoe -Mishbah 3Pa2-
tjah_ayoe -Mishbah 3Pa2- 5 日 前
I didn't know that baseball can be this funny 😂😂😂
Vania Cantika
Vania Cantika 5 日 前
I hate baseball :(
Muhammad Nawaz
Muhammad Nawaz 5 日 前
2days and 1 night is more entertaining I think
JW7 5 日 前
If only baseball games was this fun to watch I would totally go😂
Kari 6 日 前
Good game!! 🤙🏻🤙🏻⚾️😁
arthriette grace
arthriette grace 6 日 前
pogi nunu 🥺💕
Frances Camille Austria
Frances Camille Austria 6 日 前
Just finished watching Hot Stove League. GO DREAMS!! Lol 😂
Dam Nguyen Thi
Dam Nguyen Thi 6 日 前
Team Suho all the way
Lucy 6 日 前
You can not brawl Eunwoo when he opens his hands like this to you. Just can't.
Cha Eun woo and Seung gi ❤
bear yunho
bear yunho 7 日 前
It’s the way I’m here as an aroha but as a softball player to judge his baseball skills 😭🤚
Chakita Babe
Chakita Babe 7 日 前
Who doesn't love this show...woot woot...they take all scenarios seriously, great work guys.... FIGHTING!!
Isabel Ayala
Isabel Ayala 7 日 前
Eun woo 😊☺️🤩😍
Myoui BlackPenguin
Myoui BlackPenguin 8 日 前
Does master in the house change its time and day airing?
Myoui BlackPenguin
Myoui BlackPenguin 6 日 前
@Catherine Traboco okay then
Myoui BlackPenguin
Myoui BlackPenguin 6 日 前
Catherine Traboco
Catherine Traboco 6 日 前
They didn't,
Vita Elmy
Vita Elmy 8 日 前
nunu why you are so handsome??
Vien DO
Vien DO 8 日 前
they really make the best team*^
Mae Tim
Mae Tim 8 日 前
It's so fun watching these guys doing almost everything HAHAHAHA🤣😍😍❤️
TwinkleHusna03 8 日 前
I dont know where to watch master in the house 😭 because the channel that i used to watch this show have been replaced master in the house with new variety show 😭
Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort 4 日 前
@ris ris thank youu so much
ris ris
ris ris 4 日 前
you can watch it for free in viu. in that site it's called all the butlers.
TwinkleHusna03 5 日 前
@Lord Voldemort yesss 😭
Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort 5 日 前
is it sbs one on astro? mine too :(
Lady Eon
Lady Eon 8 日 前
Cha eun woo getting buff and I'm loving it
P IQ 8 日 前
I almost don't like sports, but this episode was really funny!
indrawati wati
indrawati wati 9 日 前
eon woo
Marlina Leni
Marlina Leni 9 日 前
Mighty Jean Perez
Mighty Jean Perez 9 日 前
Omggggg. 😍😍😍
Deviana Putri
Deviana Putri 9 日 前
Love u eunwoo and Lee seung gi oppa. Lee seung gi oppa very multitalent
nur diah
nur diah 9 日 前
I'm not even surprised when they ask if Seung Gi is the ace 😂
Tsy Ptw
Tsy Ptw 9 日 前
How can someone be so gorgeous like this??
Gustavo Frias
Gustavo Frias 9 日 前
He looks so f happy, completely enjoying the game, and I'm here for that. Eun woo♡
Brenda Beduya
Brenda Beduya 9 日 前
Im just looking at his face and not on his pitch, hahahha! Great face, I mean great pitch Eunwoo!
Janine Macalalad
Janine Macalalad 9 日 前
Go prince
Unkl Monk
Unkl Monk 9 日 前
since it's sbs, they should've added the psychic powers from running man.
Rakel Grace
Rakel Grace 9 日 前
They’re all so good! But I’ve tried every sport and I HATED softball and could never catch the ball with the glove. So I quit 😂 so when they can throw and catch, I’m like WOAHHHH
Kanthi Sri
Kanthi Sri 9 日 前
This variety show is now my favourite! It's so much fun!
Rahma Aisyiah
Rahma Aisyiah 10 日 前
Cha eun woo for thumbnails 😅
JArchibald O
JArchibald O 10 日 前
This episode was so much fun. I was laughing all throughout.
lemonade orange
lemonade orange 10 日 前
Suho/eun woo😍💪💪
Alzah 10 日 前
u can watch it on viu guys with eng sub ofc
Nickol Mejía
Nickol Mejía 10 日 前
This is their best episode at the moment!!
nur ina
nur ina 11 日 前
lee seung gi
Huyền Trần
Huyền Trần 11 日 前
I love Cha Eun Woo
Ulfa Nugrahani Maulida
Ulfa Nugrahani Maulida 11 日 前
Selalu nonton ini 👍
Margie Abe
Margie Abe 11 日 前
Eunwoo 💜💜💜
vic 11 日 前
So is this the sign that we'll get Hot Stove League season 2?
Anita Tee
Anita Tee 12 日 前
Eunwoo in All The Butlers: 😆😂🤣🤗 Eunwoo in True Beauty: 😐🙂😎✨❤️
eunna eonni
eunna eonni 12 日 前
hahaha cha eun woo laugh like a children n im happy to see he enjoy the game
Erika Lansiola
Erika Lansiola 12 日 前
Ari Mathita
Ari Mathita 12 日 前
Eun woo 💙💙
Jawairia Jari
Jawairia Jari 12 日 前
Eunwoo ❤️🔥
parichart Chaobankoh
parichart Chaobankoh 12 日 前
สั้นจัง กำลังสนุกเลย☺
Asmaul Husna
Asmaul Husna 12 日 前
Cha eun woo workerd so hard, both monster and the drama😍
Sarah Buyco
Sarah Buyco 12 日 前
Eunwoo king!!!
Nam Jesus
Nam Jesus 12 日 前
I’m sad they didnt let suho do what eunwoo does in real life like this. It will be dope. No one will ever get his way to jugyeong for sure lmao
Tristan Calisto
Tristan Calisto 4 日 前
Nam Jesus I love your profile pic 😀❤️
Emmy Lee
Emmy Lee 10 日 前
I love you Namjesus
Lee Seung Gi Lsg
Lee Seung Gi Lsg 12 日 前
Kash S
Kash S 12 日 前
Cha Eun Woo😍
Jay Maebel
Jay Maebel 12 日 前
Carolyn Maria
Carolyn Maria 12 日 前
me got here after Lee Suho got jealous because of Im Jukyung with the baseball player
Alee Do
Alee Do 4 日 前
PTaña 5 日 前
@Byeol Cha AGREEEE! ♥️
Byeol Cha
Byeol Cha 6 日 前
@yekyusj actually the perfection he has showcased in his works, whether it's dancing, singing, acting, sports, or many other things, is the fruit of the effort he put in learning. One of Eunwoo's greatest gift is his outsanding learning ability, and when it's topped with his great work ethic the result is amazing performance in everything he does. So softball may not be his thing now but if he puts a little more practice he'll be good eventually.
Jasfer Olendo
Jasfer Olendo 7 日 前
Hahahah u got me of this joke
yekyusj 9 日 前
You should watch entire episode. Softball isn't his thing actually.. he keeps missing his moment to hit the ball... and when I watch suho hit the ball, it reminds me of this.. and make me think.. okay.. nobody should be perfect in everything hahahaa
noe 12 日 前
Lee Seung Gi😍
Lee Seung Gi Lsg
Lee Seung Gi Lsg 12 日 前
la la
la la 12 日 前
Dear Eun woo your so Talented 🥺 Rest well huhuhuhu 😘☺️
Minihafiz 1
Minihafiz 1 12 日 前
What time i can watch master in the house ?
yekyusj 9 日 前
@Minihafiz 1 Korea Standard Time
Minihafiz 1
Minihafiz 1 9 日 前
@yekyusj what is kst?
yekyusj 9 日 前
Every Sunday at 18.30 KST if im not mistaken
Yulia channel
Yulia channel 12 日 前
Indonesian subtitle please.
Mey Mey
Mey Mey 12 日 前
Waaaahhh... Seung Gi oppa ❤️... kerreeeennn bangeeettttt...
Mey Mey
Mey Mey 12 日 前
katerina99 12 日 前
Eun Woo looks so manly now , couple of years ago he looked like a pretty boy , but now he became a handsome man 😍
Zhang Lingfu
Zhang Lingfu 12 日 前
Korean baseball history and culture jpgoon.info/number/bideo/s2OhodltoaamfoM.html
Grace Basug
Grace Basug 12 日 前
V Chacha 1117
V Chacha 1117 12 日 前
Catherine Aw
Catherine Aw 12 日 前
It’s said English subtitles. But can’t turn on. 😥
xldg mel
xldg mel 12 日 前
They all so cute I swear 🥺
35 Holak Ko Dito.s
35 Holak Ko Dito.s 12 日 前
Cha Eun Woo
debrina ihtiarini
debrina ihtiarini 12 日 前
finn rider
finn rider 13 日 前
bruhhhh gotta say that all these master in the house eps are hella fun
chelsia d
chelsia d 2 日 前
ikr! it’s so funny😂
Rai zel
Rai zel 4 日 前
Yeahh this show is great lol
nur asiah
nur asiah 13 日 前
Cha eun woo come on main lagi ke Indonesia ok 😊
Kinan Soe
Kinan Soe 13 日 前
Cha Eun Woo is so blessed🥰
Catherine Traboco
Catherine Traboco 13 日 前
Eun Woo can literally learn all kind of sports and be excellent at the same time.... Well, exept BOXING maybe haha, he looked cute though...😍😍😍
Mhaya Andal
Mhaya Andal 13 日 前
Afsana Taharat Jerin
Afsana Taharat Jerin 13 日 前
I can understand cricket.Baseball is mostly like cricket.cricket is one of my favourite sports.Cha eun woo,you are best pitcher and player for me.Fighting Monsters team!!!!
Afsana Taharat Jerin
Afsana Taharat Jerin 13 日 前
We badly need the eng sub.please....
꧁ Taekook ꧂
꧁ Taekook ꧂ 13 日 前
Cha eunwoo plz cuteeeeeeeee
lychee lychee
lychee lychee 13 日 前
Cha Eunwoo 😍
jhane bataller
jhane bataller 13 日 前
He is really athletic😍😍😍
Marian joy Remapillo
Marian joy Remapillo 13 日 前
Oppa eunwoo💖
Rain Box
Rain Box 13 日 前
Dear Cha you worked hard. 🍓🍓 rest well and take care 💜💜💜💜💜
Annisa nurwahidah rosyadi
Annisa nurwahidah rosyadi 13 日 前
Where I can watch this show other than on youtube ?
yekyusj 9 日 前
Viu, the official one
moon child
moon child 11 日 前
@wanissi dramacool.so/drama-detail/master-in-the-house you can watch it here
wanissi 12 日 前
@Aina Nissa can i get the link
Esmyra Abonales
Esmyra Abonales 13 日 前
Khow,kiss aisan.
Aina Nissa
Aina Nissa 13 日 前
Gunay Xudiyeva
Gunay Xudiyeva 13 日 前
Cha Eunwoo🥰🥰🤗🤗
Htce 13 日 前
Sub ??🙏🙏
ainnur athirah
ainnur athirah 13 日 前
Eng sub?
Rai zel
Rai zel 4 日 前
There's sub now ♡
yekyusj 9 日 前
You can watch the full episode on viu
Roselovenight Nightsun
Roselovenight Nightsun 13 日 前
Omg Eunwoo is just born pretty like how could he look so hot in that outfit🥰. When I see myself with a outfit like that I look like a sponge😂
Arias Mercer
Arias Mercer 13 日 前
You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Kristina 13 日 前
Cutee,it's my 1st time to see this guy
Kristina 5 日 前
@Jebun J.N.R. thanks
Jebun J.N.R.
Jebun J.N.R. 12 日 前
You can enjoy his song,dance and acting too. You can watch his drama *My id is gangnum beaity* and You also can watch his ongoing drama *true beauty*. or If you needed some short drama..then you cant watch *My romantic some recep.*
Adorable_lea 13 日 前
U can watch his drama true beauty
yibo .w83
yibo .w83 13 日 前
Nunu who ranked 3rd in the most handsome k-pop idol, soon you will be rank 1st Eun Woo who loves cha eun woo...? 👇👇👇
Alee Do
Alee Do 4 日 前
@yibo .w83 Are you MTJJ by all means?
Andi Brown
Andi Brown 8 日 前
Dr.shivani aroha eunwoo sarang
Dr.shivani aroha eunwoo sarang 11 日 前
@yibo .w83 noo it is v frst 2nd eunwoo in most handsome kpop idol and most handsome man in the world 22nd
yibo .w83
yibo .w83 11 日 前
@Saucyn it was Jin rank 1st followed by V, I got it on k-pop voting Dec. 2020 🌝
Saucyn 11 日 前
Who is the first?
Domie LUCAS 13 日 前
Bonjour the winner is... 😉 🏆😆 Vous êtes amusant, you're funny
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安保瑠輝也 あんぽるきや
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