[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] EUNWOO, you're our hope⭐️ Unpredictable race starts! (ENG SUB)

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11 日 前

Dream.. comes.. true..!
And SeHyung is so funny when he teases JongKook XD
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Yanti Yonava
Yanti Yonava 日 前
Omooo JK looosss😅😅😅😅😅 Eun Woo😍😍😍
Lilly Bie
Lilly Bie 日 前
Kwang Soo also can defeat Jong Kook when he cheat 😂😂
Bradley Apollo
Bradley Apollo 2 日 前
Se hyeong is that one annoying high school class clown that just takes joy in pissing off the bully😂😂😂😂
Gvrl In the därk
Gvrl In the därk 2 日 前
"You are a cast of Running Man but you can't run" It makes me laugh so hard 😂
Ashehachi 2 日 前
I just love seeing Sung-rok's expression in this episode
chi Lan Phạm
chi Lan Phạm 2 日 前
Love Cha Eun Woo
Dechen Namgyel
Dechen Namgyel 3 日 前
Igor Zephyrantes
Igor Zephyrantes 3 日 前
So right now Jong Kook using Godzilla theme? Hahahahha
PaNa Vang
PaNa Vang 3 日 前
this is probably the funniest episode yet!!! lol. they’re all so silly and playful!
Rose Ducusin
Rose Ducusin 4 日 前
this is what I like to eun woo if he saw his members start losing their hope he make sure to revive it try evrything by all means to revive their confidence no losing of hope...just like in handsome tigers he excert strict defense and even make good foul just to return the ball from the opponent to the handsome tigers....you really had a good leadership eun woo....i know once you set your mind that i can do it i will make it to the end you will really do it by all means you have a habit for being perfectionist once you really aim and set goal....100% well be done smoothly with full of confidence...soar high like a phoenix eun woo ...saranghae... fighting
kez lee
kez lee 2 日 前
Love it 👍
Nica Mansog
Nica Mansog 4 日 前
6:32 so so hilarious lmao
Maria Joana de Ramos Fracasso
Maria Joana de Ramos Fracasso 4 日 前
Very Good Job Guys
Marlita Reyna
Marlita Reyna 5 日 前
Se Hyeong begging 😭 omg i can’t with how funny he is
Gisele Novais
Gisele Novais 5 日 前
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 me encanto sons maravillosos todos vosotros
ilalang biru
ilalang biru 5 日 前
Jongkook is so amazing
Captain America
Captain America 5 日 前
4:45 you can't control your laugh here 😂😂😂😂
Janet Lee
Janet Lee 5 日 前
avicenna bleau
avicenna bleau 5 日 前
just a saga of Sehyung teasing Jungkook
97김장미 5 日 前
It’s the “You’re a cast of running man and you can’t run” that cracked me up hahah
Esther Laruan
Esther Laruan 5 日 前
Kari 5 日 前
Goooo Eunwoo!! 🏆💕 that " i beat you " look at the end was everything!
Villecia Elly
Villecia Elly 5 日 前
what are they even thinking?! i wouldnt call that a joke.. that brother of se chan is being too much. i can stand if once or twice but, he's been humiliating jk from the beginning to the end. i know they wanted to ligjt up the mood but theres another way .. not provoking like that, if im jongkook i might punch him infront of camera. im just amazed how jk can handle him.. all the member too, i can see eunwoos hand trying to reach jk while running . thats not fair and whatt.. youre running man but cannot run. i just hope se hyung mind his word, he's just being too much. running man is not all about running. i know im not the only one here. im trying to enjoy the show but i feel like im getting attacked
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 5 日 前
Jan terlalu serius, biasalah wkwk
Cycy Luna
Cycy Luna 6 日 前
T.A.N N.I.E 6 日 前
everyone is busy comparing the age between Jungkook and eun woo.. BUT I'M FOCUS ON YANG SE HYUNG. HE SO FUNNY..😂🤣. LOVE HIM.
Rozes TV
Rozes TV 6 日 前
Eunwoo is having so much fun he is even giggling while running ㅋㅋㅋ I love this baby so much
zaynab Zb
zaynab Zb 6 日 前
مين الي فاز بين آخر اتنين
Eunwoo won but he is hardly beat JK. But i love eunwoo for being so competitive in everything he does.
Sehyeong good at teasing HAHAHAHAHA you got JK! hahaha so funny and entertaining.
Jaylord Arellano
Jaylord Arellano 6 日 前
Evangeline Mesias
Evangeline Mesias 6 日 前
What is the original title of this?
Kim Soo Jung
Kim Soo Jung 6 日 前
The fact that kjk is in his 40s and with all of those muscles yet able to sprint like that was amazing 🔥
Muhamad Azzam Kusyairi
Muhamad Azzam Kusyairi 6 日 前
Mine your word haterss..this is just a variety show guys. Both of them are good in sports. Can't compare the health n fitness. Since all in this show are MASTER. cool everyone?
Luqman Hakim
Luqman Hakim 6 日 前
White hair boy so lucky . Kjk 40+ is Old but still can challenge her
cristina de jesus Jesus
cristina de jesus Jesus 6 日 前
Kkkkkkkk Bom de mais!💗💗💗💗💗💗
Madeleine Alondra
Madeleine Alondra 6 日 前
Ana Queiroz
Ana Queiroz 6 日 前
Só amor eles 😂😂😂😂
Aziqa Naqeela
Aziqa Naqeela 6 日 前
Can someone tell me where can I watch master in the house full on TV and the new EP please can someone tell me
kez lee
kez lee 6 日 前
Viu or dramacool.so
Amanda Meistra
Amanda Meistra 6 日 前
Gua kira jungkook😑
Sweet feather
Sweet feather 7 日 前
I thought it was Jungkook VS Eunwoo. Then I saw it....
jess401 7 日 前
6:57 🐷
jess401 7 日 前
4:38 grandpa running
Uhime 7 日 前
Eun woo ☆eun woo☆ eun woo 😄😄😄😍😍😍
Florilyn Mojica
Florilyn Mojica 7 日 前
Eunwon, very good but Jungkok got good. The winner is the one who accept defeat heartlessly. It is called sportmanship that's the best attitude in life.
ideapuffer 7 日 前
Omg! These kids XD XD XD
Lucy V
Lucy V 7 日 前
Love it 😍
Chillmgs 7 日 前
This is hilarious !
nurul ashikin
nurul ashikin 7 日 前
se yang looks scared after jong kook stare his deeply
ashly beltran
ashly beltran 7 日 前
jajaja pero es ke siempre me rio a carcajadas con estoo!!
Aliff Syafiq
Aliff Syafiq 7 日 前
Its the age factor. I bet that guy would be dying in embarassment if he is the same age with kim jong kook
DonKJB 7 日 前
45 uno KJK
camille cruz
camille cruz 7 日 前
Please have them in Running Man and let them play "Bell Hide and Seek" then switch every 15 mins.. Let's see how will these guys shake when KJK chase them to rip their tags. 😂😂
Cathy Ngau
Cathy Ngau 7 日 前
Seems like kjk’s fan is angry that he lost over Eunwoo 👀 Chills guys lol, even now many of the pro runners are in their 30-40s... U guys need to watch this ep to understand why they are teasing kjk here lol. Tbh, kjk teased donghyun alot I felt kinda bad for donghyun but anyway it’s still a funny and fun episode.
kez lee
kez lee 2 日 前
@Wowo wow if you read all the comments many Jk fans were mad..
Wowo wow
Wowo wow 3 日 前
Nobody is mad... I've not seen one bad comment. If you're referring to us talking about his age and stuff then that's not hate. We're just pointing out how good he is
Debbie Thor
Debbie Thor 5 日 前
C Iza Alz
C Iza Alz 7 日 前
Ayehh BigBoss
Ayehh BigBoss 7 日 前
wait so who win between JK and dong hyun the clip end before the race though
kez lee
kez lee 7 日 前
JK won..
Nicki N
Nicki N 7 日 前
Who is the obnoxious guy in white?
Dhiraj magar capcut video
Dhiraj magar capcut video 7 日 前
Love from Nepal 😘 😘 cha eunwoo
tricia0829 7 日 前
Sehyeong is so gay! He makes it obvious, how gay he was! 🙄🙄
eirazelg reyes
eirazelg reyes 7 日 前
I suddenly remembered Astro winning gold medals in ISAC
eirazelg reyes
eirazelg reyes 7 日 前
I love the way eunwoo giggles while running and the wind messing with his hair looks like a shampoo commercial XD Eunwoo an all rounder!
Light Thunder
Light Thunder 7 日 前
I'm still remember jaesuk want beating jongkok when he at 80 years old 😂😂
Aiwa San
Aiwa San 7 日 前
The editor really did a great job in editing the clips 🤣🤣🤣
Soolar 7 日 前
You can see how happy they are for winning ONE round lol still Spartakook is the best
Milk Tea
Milk Tea 7 日 前
Lol some of jk fans need to chill out. If you watched the episode, it was really funny and entertaining. Jk was invited as Master for this episode. The jk exercises & gym part was awesome n funny . MITH never won over jk except for eunwoo running part . And jk always go easy with eunwoo since day 1. He scolded the rest more lol . MITH & jk lost in foot volleyball game ... in the end jk said : that good , its was funny... eunwoo, you punk 😉 . Why being rude downgrading someone especially eunwoo . Even jk acknowledged eunwoo run fast. This is entertainment added some scripted. Plus eunwoo was in handsome tiger basketball team . If yonghwa defeated jk in running man scene out now ...sure hell broke lost for jk fans hate him so much too ! ✌🏻I like MITH. They always teased every masters
kez lee
kez lee 6 日 前
Cathy Ngau
Cathy Ngau 7 日 前
Cepi Abisoid
Cepi Abisoid 7 日 前
Imagine being cha eunwoo, still looking good while running like that...
nur halimah
nur halimah 7 日 前
idk but i got the second hand embarrassment😭😭
kzaisar 7 日 前
If KJK loses its like my pride is on the line, I worry when he is asked to do too much muscular stuff because I know of the medical issues he faces.
Tezi kim
Tezi kim 7 日 前
I love this show😍😍
⟭⟬ ⟬⟭Rachel⟬⟭ ⟭⟬
⟭⟬ ⟬⟭Rachel⟬⟭ ⟭⟬ 8 日 前
Are all Jk's strong?😂😂
Lamp Peacemaker
Lamp Peacemaker 8 日 前
Go eunwoo!! They tease him too much lol.
Emelie Fernandez
Emelie Fernandez 8 日 前
Eun woo really the flame of their game.. Cutie...
Ewan Mohd
Ewan Mohd 8 日 前
Hate yah gth
Alive 8 日 前
Let's keep it up for Running Man PDs for keeping RM for 11 years now, imagine how hard it is to find games not so favorable to Kim Jongkook,, coz he ALWAYS win... lol.
J M 8 日 前
Eunwoo has longer legs than jk So he could win
rohaprotector 8 日 前
eunwoo's giggles while running HAHAHA ADORABLE
Susan Styles
Susan Styles 8 日 前
Chaeunwoo is handsome even while he is running so hard. How is that possible???
rohaprotector 8 日 前
invite astro to running man.... those guys are SUPER competitive and wins in every ISAC sports out there HAHA
ScarletARMY_Danity_ChaEunWoo YooYeonSeok
ScarletARMY_Danity_ChaEunWoo YooYeonSeok 8 日 前
My baby eun woo 😘😘
YAMI 8 日 前
No one can forget how fast he was on running man when they used to run all the time he never missed anybody then😂but congrats Eun woo what's an honor to win against Sparta kook👏💓💓💓
Monik Zara
Monik Zara 8 日 前
Lee Seung GI deberiamos de derrotarlo ganando solo uno. solo uno Cha Eun WOO puedo ganar por que soy mas joven
michelle liew
michelle liew 8 日 前
You've got to remember the winner is half the age of jungkook
Pratiwi Mayasari
Pratiwi Mayasari 8 日 前
Invite eunwoo to running man please 🥺
tengku asyiffa
tengku asyiffa 8 日 前
Seyeong laugh like kwangsoo laugh to jk🤣
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 8 日 前
Eunwoo's giggle!!! OMGGGGGG🥰🥰🥰🥰
dr_ MJ
dr_ MJ 8 日 前
Is this the segment Yoo Jae suk was talking about? Regarding Kim jong kook's positivity? 🤭
Silver M Htoo
Silver M Htoo 8 日 前
The way Enwoo just look at him while running 😂🤣 omg he’s so cute.
najem nadinda
najem nadinda 8 日 前
Please invite the "master in house" to "Running Man", I think that's great
NSCM 8 日 前
I seriously need a JK vs JK junior encounter, It will be so interesting to see 😂
Ivana yogi firdausi
Ivana yogi firdausi 8 日 前
3:08 "perang informasi itu penting di abad 21" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
denise brown
denise brown 8 日 前
Cha Eun Woo reminds me of a race with Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse when De Grasse was giving it his all and Bolt was running and laughing 😅 😅. Is there anything Cha Eun Woo is not very good at? He is such a well rounded young man and an amazing person. He brings nothing but joy and humbleness
kez lee
kez lee 7 日 前
@denise brown yes i already search for it 😂 and it was funny they were just having a good time playing😂😂😂 thanks..
denise brown
denise brown 7 日 前
@kez lee I think you can find it on here, it’s funny to watch but the stills are even better to look at. Google both athletes together and you will get a more complete picture
kez lee
kez lee 8 日 前
Thanks... Hahaha now i understand why seunggi mention usain bolt 😂😂
x 8 日 前
How does everyone have good teeth 😭
Priscilla M
Priscilla M 8 日 前
Eunwoo's smile is beautiful.
Damise Setiono
Damise Setiono 8 日 前
Jongkook even win the sprint match with korean national athletes
Aylin 8 日 前
Bölüm tamamını nerden izleyebiliriz acabab
Imelda Astutiawati
Imelda Astutiawati 8 日 前
Bengek banget yaampuun wkwk
ASTRO and Kdrama trash
ASTRO and Kdrama trash 8 日 前
Some people in the comments need to chill. Stop hating on Eunwoo for no apparent reason. Just because he won against KJK doesn't mean it's degrading on KJK's part. Of course, it is impressive how KJK ran at par with a man half his age, even after several surgeries and let's appreciate him for it, but you don't have to drag Eunwoo down by using KJK's age or injuries as a excuse for Eunwoo's win. That's more degrading on KJKs part how so many of you are bringing down his years of workout and hardwork by saying he lost bc of his age and other things. (This comment is only for the ones calling Eunwoo weak etc) P.S: Major Moonbin missing hours
kez lee
kez lee 8 日 前
Mephistopheles 8 日 前
Kjk was really probably really got pissed 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
fiq riq
fiq riq 8 日 前
Now Eunwoo is rank 4th in the world. Hahaha
kez lee
kez lee 8 日 前
Luigi Guillermo
Luigi Guillermo 8 日 前
I don't know why but JK fits this cast perfectly.
2203- BECAOCO 8 日 前
Funny 🤣
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