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Ep. 141
EUNWOO! You should fail!!
Preparing for a campfire

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Eun woo face like jungkook bts
ros neri
ros neri 8
It shows Se Hyung is such a good guy but can easily been taking advantage of
L W 10
I kinda want eunwoo to play smiley psychopath
analyn caluyong
analyn caluyong 13
lets be honest eonwoo is all the girls ideal men he can do anything TvT
Jaylord Arellano
Jaylord Arellano 26
Mhaya Andal
Mhaya Andal 29
Winda 9197
Winda 9197
Eun Woo :)
Lilly-Rose Garner
Lilly-Rose Garner
Thats the dude from DELAYED JUSTICE!!
bisa2nya ada orang seperfect eunwoo, bahkan motong kayu aja balance 2 bagian.. ga kebayang betapa stresnya anak tetangga eunwoo
Yoon Ji Hoo
Yoon Ji Hoo
if euwoo born past life, he will not do this yes yes, he was a prince sehyoung was a servant
HCwing 2 嗆
Actually masters hatchet almost hurts Eunwoo at 2:11-2:12. Please be careful Eunwoo and dont walk near the dangerous area...
Mar A. Lopz
Mar A. Lopz 2 嗆
Yang Se Hyung is so funny. I cant stop laughing when he talks. So naturally funny. And Eunwoo is dreamy sighs.
raissa oliveira
raissa oliveira 2 嗆
Amo voc礙s 歹
Jaemin Na
Jaemin Na 2 嗆
Cute ﹦
Dariane Marquez
Dariane Marquez 3 嗆
Eun woo is so cute!
V Chacha 1117
V Chacha 1117 3 嗆
V Chacha 1117
V Chacha 1117 3 嗆
Sweet Doll Beat
Sweet Doll Beat 3 嗆
Don't know what they are saying but I'm laughing along 不不
Ocean S
Ocean S 3 嗆
I Love their chemistry! They are always take care of Eunwoo! Thanks all brothers!!! #麆到
I love them so much Eunwoo with his brothers it's like they encouraging him , protect him and bully him 不不as the real brothers would do , loooooooove u all jipsabu members 手手手
Krystyn Nicole Tiu
Krystyn Nicole Tiu 3 嗆
Thank you for taking care of Eunwoo 伐伐伐
Ruth Cupertino
Ruth Cupertino 3 嗆
Eun Woo You are really amaizing, i you
Marlynn Cadiz
Marlynn Cadiz 3 嗆
His the youngest one also the cutest among all of them,theyre so funny I enjoy watching them歹歹歹
Royal Palms
Royal Palms 3 嗆
Haha...seems like they keep trying to find something Eunwoo isn't good at. One day they'll have to give up and he'll become a legend.
Nazifa Moon
Nazifa Moon 3 嗆
Uri dongminnie the way he giggles in tiny after saying something uwuu my heart and Eunwoo is really competitive when he really wannna do good in something yes everybody thats our Eunwoo!!Thats how this boy is!! Always polite,humble,talented,pretty savage & good looking OFC Proud Aroha
Monica Jofre
Monica Jofre 3 嗆
Porfavor subt穩tulos en espa簽ol!!!!
Vera Nishida
Vera Nishida 3 嗆
The master is too shy, he doesn't want to burden others and too anxious not to be a burden to others.
Red Read
Red Read 3 嗆
Where can I watch this?
Adorable_lea 3 嗆
Aroha Yoongi
Aroha Yoongi 3 嗆
EUNWOO plz tell us what you can't do. You always giving your 100% in evrything n succeed it really motivates us AROHAS proud of u EUNWOO.
Margie Abe
Margie Abe 3 嗆
Cha eun woo
Gayle dela Cruz
Gayle dela Cruz 3 嗆
I know they're filming and all but I love how Eunwoo is so close with the jipsabu members. His hyungs really take good care of him. I look forward to the episode every Sunday #麆到 #CHAEUNWOO
Ford Aru
Ford Aru 3 嗆
I miss the old version where they sleep over
Lyn Fallan
Lyn Fallan 3 嗆
Cha taeyun is back
Smiles May Speak
Smiles May Speak 3 嗆
Eun Woo is the best I swear this show only shows off more of his charms! 朮
dyaze ak
dyaze ak 3 嗆
Eun woo is low-key savage. Those who aren't keen or familiar with him cannot know because he covers it with a bright smile after saying a savage statement
Eaint Yoon Shwe Yee
Eaint Yoon Shwe Yee 13
@Prakriti Jeff your welcome
Prakriti Jeff
Prakriti Jeff 13
@Eaint Yoon Shwe Yee oh thankyou :)
Eaint Yoon Shwe Yee
Eaint Yoon Shwe Yee 13
@Prakriti Jeff i dont remember i think it was in radio star
Prakriti Jeff
Prakriti Jeff 13
@Eaint Yoon Shwe Yee which one ?
Eaint Yoon Shwe Yee
Eaint Yoon Shwe Yee 14
he once roasted a very annoying comedian and covered it with his smile
13_MILE 3 嗆
Eunwoos very comfortable with his brothers already . Thanks master and big brothers for taking care of him . Eunwoo ya , we love you ! 伐返 #麆到 #chaeunwoo
Caro Montes
Caro Montes 3 嗆
As a person that actually knows how to use an ax and its security measures this is giving me stress
Caro Montes
Caro Montes 3 嗆
@alyssa az this is going to be long and with edits but sure!!! Also English is not my first language so some of the terminology is going to be a little bit wrong. 1:50 that way he is carrying the ax. You are supposed to carry it by the metal this means that the handle is straight down to the floor and with your hand you carry it. Also the sharp end should be facing backwards. That way you have more control so you do not injure somebody. 2:09 you never start cutting with out security measures as you see there is no cut so he did not make sure that there in no way that he can harm them. You are supposed to make 3 circles with the ax still in the earlier position so the wood is facing the other people. The 3 circles are supposed to be horizontally ( in from of you) vertically( at your side) and in front of you vertically. The cicles are supposed to be done with your arm as straight as possible. 2:38 never do this because you never know if the log is really stuck in. It could drop and hurt somebody. 4:00 If you put an ax on the floor make sure that you as stepping on the sharp part or at least put a rock on top of it. A person could be walking by could stumble and get hurt. Sorry If it's to long.
alyssa az
alyssa az 3 嗆
do you mind sharing what they're supposed to do?
Amahle Sualog
Amahle Sualog 3 嗆
Eunwoo is good with everything!!
Ashley Magano
Ashley Magano 3 嗆
Pls eunwo notice me
Nadia Aqsa
Nadia Aqsa 3 嗆
Sub Indonesia pleasesssss唐
Asetero Aroha
Asetero Aroha 3 嗆
Nonton di viu ada sub indonya
small fire
small fire 3 嗆
Cute se hyung..
Michelle Santisteban
Michelle Santisteban 3 嗆
麆到 圉 諤木 穈窸 賱趣蛟 賱謔 潺 窶月庖 諤 鮈渥 True Beauty
Michelle Santisteban
Michelle Santisteban 3 嗆
Cha Eun Woo Saranghe 歹
Forever Aroha
Forever Aroha 3 嗆
Imagine camping with eunwoo and he is prepairing campfire for u 梗梗梗
Winly 3 嗆
I would feed him roasted marshmallows and make him s'mores
firda puji rahayu
firda puji rahayu 3 嗆
Sub indo please 對鳶鳶
firda puji rahayu
firda puji rahayu 2 嗆
@setia NK okee makasihh kakk:)
setia NK
setia NK 2 嗆
ada di viu, drakor.id, atau gk ketik aja di google master in the house sub indo, banyak kok hehe
Umi Kalsum
Umi Kalsum 3 嗆
Se hyeong overreacting is so funny
yessenia Nu簽ez
yessenia Nu簽ez 3 嗆
Who is he?
jonghyuni bugi
jonghyuni bugi 3 嗆
Actor Bae Seongwoo
yessenia Nu簽ez
yessenia Nu簽ez 3 嗆
@Nazifa Moon i meant the master sorry not specifying
Nazifa Moon
Nazifa Moon 3 嗆
Chaeunwoo from Astro
Arati Sahu
Arati Sahu 3 嗆
You mean the blue shirt guy his name is cha eunwoo and he is form a boy group called astro he is both a singer and actor.
Lisna Lisna
Lisna Lisna 3 嗆
Ana Urifah 064
Ana Urifah 064 3 嗆
Nunu fighting
Ocean S
Ocean S 3 嗆
Cute Eunwoo! #麆到
Hana 30
Hana 30 3 嗆
Eunwoo's laugh makes my heart flutter This episode is so simple yet funny
Hamna Munawer
Hamna Munawer 3 嗆
Never been this early tho.
Intime Intime
Intime Intime 3 嗆
Imagine becoming a master on this show
Mina 3 嗆
Se hyung is so funny no one asked him to do anything tho
I laughed so hard when he realized he was volunteering for placing the log.
Atomicx Falcon
Atomicx Falcon 3 嗆
Everything else in Malaysia are as
Alicia Jo Joseph
Alicia Jo Joseph 3 嗆
Cha Eun-Woo is literally toughened up by his brothers now唐 I love u
Nopur Sara
Nopur Sara 3 嗆
Saranghao eunwoo
Walk Around Malaysia
Walk Around Malaysia 3 嗆
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