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ヶ月 前

"This is nothing compared to that"
SEUNG GI's words are so touching..
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Brie's Channel
Brie's Channel 6 日 前
0:35 hello my love IU😍😍
Thu Thảo Võ
Thu Thảo Võ 7 日 前
So handsome anyway 😎😎😎
Helene183 W
Helene183 W 16 日 前
Vanessa Li
Vanessa Li 18 日 前
There are two things I wanna comment: 1. When I first saw Race starter/Big Nose Ji seok jin, I couldn’t help but keep thinking why he is not being teased by fellow members... 2. This game is so meaningful in such a way that it really does resemble our life. There are a lot of failures and hardships throughout the journey of our life towards our success which we have to overcome and endured which are portrayed by all the thorny plants. Then along the journey there are good people like our family, friends, mentors that will guide us and cheer for us. On the other hand, there are another group of negative people who will backstab you, jealous of you, misleading you and happy when you failed. But at the end of the day, we just need the supportive people in our life that will be with us be it up or down and that’s what matters the most.
farhahxoxo 18 日 前
awww the hyungs are so supportive. eunwoo is blessed to have them around.
angelXDee 19 日 前
Some of those are euphorbia's which are a type of succulent. Its a different specie from cacti.
mily Galdamez
mily Galdamez 20 日 前
Morolade Adewale
Morolade Adewale 20 日 前
This is my absolute favorite episode!! The lesson here is GOLD! You’re gonna go through a thorny path in life, you’ll have people cheering you on but you’ll also have people wishing for your downfall, you’ll get scared and want to take a step back, but you have to push through. It’s just life ❤️ and I feel it is very important for Eun Woo to know this ☺️
manisha Shakya
manisha Shakya 20 日 前
I m so happy for you eun woo 😍😍💋great job
Melissa Tormis
Melissa Tormis 20 日 前
Jessa Mae Delos Santos
Jessa Mae Delos Santos 21 日 前
cha eun woo cuteness overload even if he carries a lot of balloon 😍😍😍
L tiara
L tiara 23 日 前
Nunu gemoy banget si🥰
Sethi Rekha
Sethi Rekha 24 日 前
Yes you can overcome any obstacle
Jeramie O.
Jeramie O. 24 日 前
Nunu so cute 🥰❤️ atleast you saved 11baloons 😁❤️
Kanthi Sri
Kanthi Sri 25 日 前
but please don't make these kind of dangerous games. i hope everyone is safe and not hurt.
Kanthi Sri
Kanthi Sri 25 日 前
that guy who called eun woo punk.. if i see him outside I'll beat him to pulp.
아로하 28 日 前
집사부 미쳤어?? 아무 장비도 없이 너무 위험하다고 생각 안하니?? 진짜 맘에 안든다
Rose Benilan
Rose Benilan 28 日 前
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francisca ferreira
francisca ferreira 29 日 前
Ahn Jal
Ahn Jal ヶ月 前
That lady is right. How can Cha Eun Woo look so handsome and cool that makes me think that he's just in a fashion show when he's just wearing balloons? That's unfair 🤣😂😂
Ahn Jal
Ahn Jal ヶ月 前
Am I the only one who thought that it's MITH meets Running Man when I saw Seok Jin? 🤣🤣🤣
Jaddan Rafisqi
Jaddan Rafisqi ヶ月 前
Eunwoo look so cute even with tons of balloons all over his body🥰🥰🥰
Roseline Olawoore
Roseline Olawoore ヶ月 前
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Marvi April Love
Marvi April Love ヶ月 前
Is it just me or I’m hearing the Penthouse background music?
松本あり ヶ月 前
I need astro in running man
SW123 N
SW123 N ヶ月 前
I think is too dangerous leh
Ayana ヶ月 前
0:27 the penthouse dramatic song tho at the back😂😂😂
Rak Ud
Rak Ud ヶ月 前
Eun woo so cuteeeeeee
criselda calayon
criselda calayon ヶ月 前
Did our baby Eun wooh won?
Joyce Jaime
Joyce Jaime ヶ月 前
CEW ❤️
Joyce Jaime
Joyce Jaime ヶ月 前
eunwoo-yah ❤️
Joyce Jaime
Joyce Jaime ヶ月 前
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BrilliantMonk ヶ月 前
hold up now mr sukjin dont bite on cha eun woo like that he's a treasure
BS AK ヶ月 前
Wooooow 🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏
Cecilia Garcia
Cecilia Garcia ヶ月 前
Alguien mas escucho despacito?
Icha loner
Icha loner ヶ月 前
Bahkan mau pakek apapun tetep tamvan... Tolooong
katherine Nomnoms
katherine Nomnoms ヶ月 前
Silver shaded eunwoo hair
Andressa Leite Lima
Andressa Leite Lima ヶ月 前
👏👏👏👏 coloca a continuação aê para a galera vê quem ganhou 🥰😘
Reka Cantik
Reka Cantik ヶ月 前
My nunu is a strong man ❤️
Reka Cantik
Reka Cantik ヶ月 前
Nunu ❤️
Donatella Valentini
Donatella Valentini ヶ月 前
Eun wooo Vai grande ahhhh
Donatella Valentini
Donatella Valentini ヶ月 前
Ajhhh pallonciniii sinpaticiii
Donatella Valentini
Donatella Valentini ヶ月 前
Tita purnamaa_
Tita purnamaa_ ヶ月 前
Armona Afreen
Armona Afreen ヶ月 前
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Shweta Tabakde
Shweta Tabakde ヶ月 前
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hani M
hani M ヶ月 前
Don't forget to watch Astro ONE MV on Fantagio Music channel now! Its so cool!
Jenica Martinez
Jenica Martinez ヶ月 前
ampogi talaga love eunwooo😳
r tommy
r tommy ヶ月 前
funny enough ‘Catcus’ & ‘Savage’ are both songs by A.C.E 👀👀 sorry just on my CHOICE shit 🥵🥵
Mariana Arely Arias Estrada
Mariana Arely Arias Estrada ヶ月 前
Y quien ganó?
Melike Mayer
Melike Mayer ヶ月 前
The Penthouse ost 😂
Minh Hiếu Trần
Minh Hiếu Trần ヶ月 前
Khâm phục chúc mọi người luôn khỏe mạnh
rae rawr
rae rawr ヶ月 前
the pink team is so supportive
rae rawr
rae rawr ヶ月 前
is this a collaboration btw Running Man and master in house ???? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
liz ヶ月 前
I stan a balloon king
Kenneth Barrientos
Kenneth Barrientos ヶ月 前
Where I can watch this as a whole episode???
Karla Bello
Karla Bello ヶ月 前
Es como pasar por dónde hay muchos nopales hahaha
i was like: just go no matter what atleast your safe
Cel ji
Cel ji ヶ月 前
The sound effects remind me of penthouse hahahaha
Caitlyn Olivia
Caitlyn Olivia ヶ月 前
Where can i watch full😭
Octagon ヶ月 前
I got scared not by the cactus but the baloons😵
Reign 1234
Reign 1234 ヶ月 前
if that hair of eunwoo would have an hair extensions and made it to half bun..eun woo will look like a walking fantasy character on anime,movie and drama series.
Mara Sofia De La Cruz Aguilar
Mara Sofia De La Cruz Aguilar ヶ月 前
OMG!! Pusieron la canción de "Despacito", en el programa, esté programa me trae muchas diversión Thank You ❤️, me encantó que promocionarán y mostrarán un poquito de ASTRO 💜, en este momento nuestros niños también necesitan ayuda para su nuevo comeback y aquí está AROHA para estar con ellos, el comeback es el 5 de Abril y se llamará All Yours. Aroha Internacional🇲🇽💜 Por otra parte, este programa me encanta ya que como no lo puedo ver en Viki, lo puedo ver aquí y todos son muy graciosos, son muy buenas y divertidas dinámicas las que hacen, Éxito y Sigan así 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽☺️
Jaci Mae
Jaci Mae ヶ月 前
When I saw Seok Jin, I thought this was Running Man and Master in the House members were the guests HAHAHAHHA
은혜 ヶ月 前
이승기 🍒🍉🍓💓
Yuki Xandra
Yuki Xandra ヶ月 前
The background music when they brought in the thorn reminds me of Penthouse 😂
Deanna ヶ月 前
Eun Woo looks so cute there😍😍
Richelle Venice
Richelle Venice ヶ月 前
8:52 stage father Seung Gi🤗🤗🤗
Laveena Chander
Laveena Chander ヶ月 前
please checkout astro's new album ALL YOUR'S highlight medley and 2 m/v teaser's on fantagio's yt channel please go and check all their songs and i guarantee u will not get disappointed and i am sure u will become and aroha till the end the new album all your's will be released on 5 april
Sylen mae Gomez
Sylen mae Gomez ヶ月 前
why so gwapo oppa, 😍
Gotamia L.T.
Gotamia L.T. ヶ月 前
El día de hoy me dejó una enseñanza pues los fracasos estarán presentes pero con valentía he de superar mis expectativas para lograr mi sueños seguiré bailando , me dejé caer por influencias que no son buenas ni productivas pero me servirán de escalón para avanzar lo que quiero
Jexel Mic
Jexel Mic ヶ月 前
Haha.. I'm laughing alone in my room..the members are craziest.
STAN ASTRO!!! ヶ月 前
Maria Helena Oliveira
Maria Helena Oliveira ヶ月 前
Attention Airens!! In December I received an Instagram message from a person claiming to be Lee Seung Gi himself. The person impersonating him was thanking him for his career support and for being such a considerate fan in his internet publications. I questioned but he said to do it every end of the year to be close to his fans and that I was one of the chosen ones of the year 2020. I went to the page he was using and there were many people from several countries, all women of 40 years old or more, he said it was an account that would soon be undone for this reason had only the chosen ones. Soon he gave me an email that he said was from the office and an address from another platform, because the page on Instagram would be undone. The person knew a lot about our dear Lee Seung Gi and the things he said seemed to be very real, since all the information arrived on the internet right after our conversation, so much so that he told me that I ended up believing it could be himself. In January he started talking about his birthday and invited me to be part of a birthday campaign, he told me it was to talk to the office that they would explain everything. I talked and only discovered that it was a scam when I had already sent more than 30 thousand reais to a charity in the Seoul hospital until the Korean embassy in Brazil was summoned for the money to be transferred. Well, although they think this is absurd, believe me, I have suffered a loss of my entire life and I believe that I will not be able to get up. I just want to warn everyone that as I am fans of Lee Seung Gi not to fall for this scam, I know that many are more attentive than me but others may not be and can be deceived like me. So I ask you to disclose and alert everyone on Fandom so that others do not fall for this scam. I am not ashamed to say that I was deceived and that you should be careful, but I know that there must be people who are ashamed to disclose and others even think it is funny. But this case is very SERIOUS! They are using the name of our beloved Lee Seung Gi to get money from people over the internet. Let's call attention to the fact that others do not fall for this scam. Thanks...
N Bassir
N Bassir ヶ月 前
Thanks... I really enjoy it😊
V Stay
V Stay ヶ月 前
Pusieron a Despacito Hahaha en pleno 2021
Maybeth V.B
Maybeth V.B ヶ月 前
Maybeth V.B
Maybeth V.B ヶ月 前
No hay mejor sensación que ver que tiene subtítulos en español
Lilis Setyawati
Lilis Setyawati ヶ月 前
Cha eun woo so handsome with new hair💗
the ghost
the ghost ヶ月 前
Because of the uniforms and Seokjin being there, I was a bit confused: "Didn't I click on an MITH video though?" For a split second I thought its Running Man omg, I haven't watched MITH for like 3 months; so many episodes to catch up! ps: also love how supportive the hyungs to their maknae Eunwoo though :')
Sofia Clyde Lira
Sofia Clyde Lira ヶ月 前
eunu you can do it all struggles in life we are all here for you
Sofia Clyde Lira
Sofia Clyde Lira ヶ月 前
Lucy ヶ月 前
I want Eunwoo's eyebrows
natbean ヶ月 前
I think his name is Sang Su - He sounds like a preacher lol
Bae Aera
Bae Aera ヶ月 前
The penthouse bgm tho 😂😂😂
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin ヶ月 前
Jocelyn Gomez
Jocelyn Gomez ヶ月 前
stan Astro before their comeback!! You wont be disappointed .. also , im so proud of nunu 😭👏🏼
Scar RL
Scar RL ヶ月 前
Infinitamente agradecida por las traducciones 💕💕 Jajajajajaja fue muy divertido, Cha Eun Woo I love youuu 🥰
Yeidi Valdes
Yeidi Valdes ヶ月 前
Yo escuchando la canción de despacito👁👄👁😂
Mireya Vera
Mireya Vera ヶ月 前
No wayyy that’s despacitoooo! Hahaha
Daiianna Sousa
Daiianna Sousa ヶ月 前
proof of courage. Chan eun woo is more cute, blond. He's a cat anyway.
Nurul Hidayah
Nurul Hidayah ヶ月 前
MasyaAllah cha eunwoo 😊🥳
Srey Vy
Srey Vy ヶ月 前
Hello I'm Cambodia fan
Rose Vee
Rose Vee ヶ月 前
This is really a good game. I hope Eunwoo learned a lot from that game. Knowing him who has a brilliant mind and thinks deep.
arabela trixie jurao
arabela trixie jurao ヶ月 前
Where can I watch this with full ep?? 😅😅
Pororo Kim
Pororo Kim ヶ月 前
Does anyone know who won in this game?
agustina rowe
agustina rowe ヶ月 前
Quiero ver al otro competidor como lo hace...
Regan Brown
Regan Brown ヶ月 前
I would have blacked out right then and there.
poor my boy !! go ahead Eun Woo !!
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