[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] If you want to get breakfast, dive into the the valley (ENG SUB)

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25 日 前

Go Eun woo! Go Eun woo!
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karl hunkins
karl hunkins 2 日 前
Yall always talk about eun woo
When the song started "ONE",it was really a proud moment for all the Arohas around.
mrsbatres1 5 日 前
I love how they play astro one song!!!
Lucero RC
Lucero RC 8 日 前
Eun woo 1ro que emoción I LOVE, y ONE de fondo dio mil años de vida
Unu Cha
Unu Cha 8 日 前
Nunu is really good in anything 😊😊
Адия Абеуова
Адия Абеуова 8 日 前
Где можно посмотреть полную версию?? 😍
Pierina rr
Pierina rr 9 日 前
Era necesario una posta para el camarógrafo de Eunwoo jaja :0 Excelente
Gabriela Ponce Paz Oviedo
Gabriela Ponce Paz Oviedo 12 日 前
*Eunwoo sigue corriendo mientras el camarógrafo se cansa* El Camarógrafo: Wow no tan rápido velocista...
_serendipjm 12 日 前
i love how the description is always cheering for eun woo HAHSHSHAHSAS
Dani SB
Dani SB 13 日 前
Yo cantando One en todo el video jejeje
Liliana Rios
Liliana Rios 14 日 前
Please in spanish thank you Friendly greeting Argentina BS As 😘👏👏👍❤🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
Unzi Karim
Unzi Karim 15 日 前
When Frozen song started. I laughed
Unzi Karim
Unzi Karim 15 日 前
When Eunwoo sprinted My boi looked Soo cool. He's just becoming the star if the show for me . If only they would praise him more
IamArmytiny 15 日 前
Eunwoo reminds me of Jungkook and his cameraman 🤣🤣🤣🤣, when he was standing there waiting for the out of breath cameraman, omg my ribs died🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
susan chua
susan chua 15 日 前
winner Eunwoo being young n energetic!
Maria Joana de Ramos Fracasso
Maria Joana de Ramos Fracasso 15 日 前
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻I would like subtitles, pleaaase!
Lo In
Lo In 16 日 前
hopefully blackpink will be a guest
Youngbin Puff
Youngbin Puff 16 日 前
Not an aroha but listening to bgm here makes me wanna listen to ONE
Eunu Astro
Eunu Astro 17 日 前
Eunwoo is so fast ...one
Amanda Bandeira
Amanda Bandeira 17 日 前
Shin Midori
Shin Midori 18 日 前
Oh I exactly remember the BGM at the beginning of this clip. This is the BGM of THE LEGEND(2007) starred by Bae Yong Joon. As I am a nerd, I really enjoyed watching that drama and I watched almost four times. Recently I planned to watch it again.
d genesis
d genesis 18 日 前
9:47 lmao
nase De dios
nase De dios 18 日 前
when eun woo gaves thumbs up on seung gi...i can see jack frost on eun woo:)
Aisha Tamang
Aisha Tamang 18 日 前
Princevil Cadayday
Princevil Cadayday 18 日 前
Can you please put subtitle😭😭😭😭😭 consideration for the international faaan😭😭😭😭😭
ulan ulan
ulan ulan 18 日 前
Catherine Zulueta
Catherine Zulueta 18 日 前
Eun woo basta pagkain di papahuli eh nuh🤣🤣🤣
farhahxoxo 18 日 前
not the freezing water and wet socks shoes pants 😭
nayy 18
nayy 18 19 日 前
Hai lee dong min I from AROHA INDONESIA.
로하니싸 19 日 前
For eunwoo eating is a matter of life and death HAHAHAHA
miko ho
miko ho 19 日 前
Eunwoo the competitive boy run without his cameraman ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ren Gen
Ren Gen 19 日 前
Reminds me of 2d1n with Seungi..
ArohaVKbaby 19 日 前
Eunwoo come as "One" 😅
Yağmur Çiçek야으무르
Yağmur Çiçek야으무르 20 日 前
Perfect 😂
라흐마 20 日 前
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I love my cha uno woo it's very cute 💗💟💚💛💜💓💞💝💖
Morolade Adewale
Morolade Adewale 20 日 前
Oukshi wuri eunwoo oppa won 🥰 I’m so proud of my nunu
Morolade Adewale
Morolade Adewale 20 日 前
Eun woo fighting!
Maraki Christ
Maraki Christ 20 日 前
I feel so bad also for all the crew..oh god
Catherine Aw
Catherine Aw 19 日 前
Anthonella Zambrano
Anthonella Zambrano 20 日 前
Scary night
Scary night 20 日 前
Eunwoo love you
Учиха Саске
Учиха Саске 20 日 前
Русскоязычные вы где? Для нас тут даже в описании на русском написали имя Ын У😂😂
Учиха Саске
Учиха Саске 17 日 前
@Inspiration_ я из-за Ын У и Сыль Ги😂😂 жалко что полных версий с озвучкой нет(
Inspiration_ 17 日 前
Ну хоть кто то русскоговорящий есть,а то думала я одна,смотрю только из за Ын У😄😃
Учиха Саске
Учиха Саске 20 日 前
7:36 song?
Учиха Саске
Учиха Саске 20 日 前
@Brittxin Thank you so much ♡
Brittxin 20 日 前
n 20 日 前
I'm watching from Turkey very nice program 🇹🇷🇰🇷🇹🇷🇰🇷
Yrayda Esquiche Mendoza
Yrayda Esquiche Mendoza 21 日 前
Eunwoo fighting
Garcia엘르 21 日 前
Not him worried about his hair more than breakfast
cheerings 21 日 前
This remind me of KwangSoo 😂
Chay F.
Chay F. 21 日 前
Im so proud the soundtrack for eun woo is one 💜
nyjer asibal
nyjer asibal 21 日 前
8:05 and yeah..he always wanted to be seen as cool instead of handsome...and yeah...he's right..he's cool..😉😉..the song background too...fighting ASTRO!
Durrotun Nashihah
Durrotun Nashihah 21 日 前
Apakah ada drama nya Eun woo yang lawan main nya lebih muda daripada Eun woo??
Yaya Ayu
Yaya Ayu 21 日 前
As expected from Aries, Cha Eun Woo 👍
Nohelí Laínez Díaz
Nohelí Laínez Díaz 21 日 前
Jajaja este capítulo estuvo divertido superecomendable. Tienen que verlo completo lo disfrutarán.
Catherine Aw
Catherine Aw 21 日 前
If Seung Gi were to go straight up like Eun Woo maybe he may make it the number one to reach...but he was busy with throwing others bottles and getting into that hilarious water fight...hence he came in second...he still get to eat the breakfast...they were all very cold but having fun...hahaha...
xXRhythmOfLightXx 21 日 前
8:05 looks like straight out of an action movie...8:43 oh finally breakfast
xXRhythmOfLightXx 21 日 前
Everyone:is throwing around the bottles Eunwoo:*pretending not to be there and gets his bottle first try*
Joyce Lyn Alcid
Joyce Lyn Alcid 21 日 前
Where can I watch Master in the House with English subtitles please? Thank you! I've watched other episodes in Kocowa TV channel, how about the latest episode. Please advise.
Ratna Only
Ratna Only 19 日 前
Charlyn Low
Charlyn Low 21 日 前
The music used at the start of the video! I miss hearing it so much!
Susanti Gao
Susanti Gao 21 日 前
So fans cha eun wo & Lee sung ge 🥺❤️
taylor tshaka
taylor tshaka 21 日 前
We come as we come as we come as ONE!!!💃🏾
Nandy Manasa
Nandy Manasa 21 日 前
This reminds me of JUNKOOK CAMERAMAN🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤣🤣
DeeyaKasiJadiTv 21 日 前
You are the best! eunwoo❤🕊...good jobs and you are so nice...love u more and more...🥰😘
Marjory Castillo
Marjory Castillo 22 日 前
Give these cameramen a raise
ivony libre
ivony libre 22 日 前
Yasss!!!! ONE!!!
Fabiola Lisset
Fabiola Lisset 22 日 前
#LeeCha best boys👌🏼 we need more this frienship! #LeeSeungGi #ChaEunWoo
Cookie Jar
Cookie Jar 22 日 前
What last season ?😮😮😮
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez 22 日 前
Me mata el maestro ¨SON LOS UNICOS ASES QUE ESPERABA!¨ F por los demas
Jona Florano
Jona Florano 22 日 前
Eunwoo ❤️
Yuly Musa
Yuly Musa 22 日 前
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Gabi Andrade
Gabi Andrade 22 日 前
Poor Se Hyeong😂😂
Sam Nhan
Sam Nhan 22 日 前
Cha Eunwoo is the best!
Shanti Kina
Shanti Kina 22 日 前
Oh Cha Eun Woo 🥰🤝🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻
Shanti Kina
Shanti Kina 22 日 前
Muy agradable ver partes del programa, me ansía mucho poder verlo completo. Gracias por los subtítulos en español.
Woxrux Woxrux
Woxrux Woxrux 22 日 前
Ыну ты молодец, ты лучший из всех я за тобой 😍😘
Hilma Markinhuhta
Hilma Markinhuhta 22 日 前
Eunwoo somewhat reminds me of Kang Daniel whit that grey hair
Jennifer Ni
Jennifer Ni 22 日 前
LSG 😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂
DE’s Time
DE’s Time 22 日 前
@eunwo, make us proud like this way........
zuleika B
zuleika B 22 日 前
Eunwoo is great at everything! 👍👍👍👍
욱 Crescendo Wook
욱 Crescendo Wook 22 日 前
I donno why am getting irritation by seeing eunwoo hair on his eyes 👀
Khin Yadanar Thein
Khin Yadanar Thein 22 日 前
Rose Ducusin
Rose Ducusin 22 日 前
eun woo feels cold at the same time hungry no wonder he runs fast to be the first one to reach in the master's house to rest and have superb meal awaits for him...fighting...go!go!go! always take care and keep up the good work.soar high like a phoenix...
Karipap Sardin
Karipap Sardin 22 日 前
SEEKING FOR HELP FROM AROHAS :-) You can start vote for ASTRO (Eunwoo group) on idol champion from 16/04 till 18/04 :-D You guys can vote 3 times per day and only require 3 chamsims per vote. U can collect chamsims for free by watching ads and would get 10 chamsims every day for attendance :-D It's easy arohas but we need your help. PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM GUYS FOR THE 3RD WEEK CHAMPION SONG (T_T) A WIN FOR ASTRO IS A WIN FOR EUNWOO TOO :-D
Marie Eel
Marie Eel 22 日 前
seung gi where are you? run faster run
Reika Chan
Reika Chan 22 日 前
can somebody tell me what song played at 7.07? i was searching it in years, i forgot the title of the song..
Irem Asel
Irem Asel 22 日 前
çok tatlısın Eun woo
Abigail NG
Abigail NG 22 日 前
Yogisha Jambu Nathan
Yogisha Jambu Nathan 22 日 前
eunwoo babyyyy🥺❤️
Nimisha Singh
Nimisha Singh 22 日 前
Don't look for success cases. Just do it. ♥
Satarupa Ghosh
Satarupa Ghosh 22 日 前
Astro one Eun woo proud of you
Kore Aşığı
Kore Aşığı 22 日 前
Samith Pheung
Samith Pheung 22 日 前
Rabia Ataş
Rabia Ataş 22 日 前
master house😂😂🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Uugi I
Uugi I 23 日 前
kryyy arcturus
kryyy arcturus 23 日 前
the cameraman is so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Kath Leen
Kath Leen 23 日 前
Eunwoo's hunger motivation. Hahahha I really love how this show is so updated with Astro's songs. Check their One MV. Eunwoo comes ase 1!
Dinari 10969er
Dinari 10969er 23 日 前
As usual my brave Seung Gi gets into the freezing water first 😂😂😂 and the way he does it 😂😂😂 those little jumps are so cute 😍
Ellen Carolina
Ellen Carolina 23 日 前
Kkkkkkkk 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Dess Tayaban
Dess Tayaban 23 日 前
Literally the best episode of Jipsabu
Sky Marvel
Sky Marvel 23 日 前
The click bait is insane
Hanifa Nazari
Hanifa Nazari 23 日 前
we come as oneee thanksss for the song
Nize Laduj
Nize Laduj 23 日 前
Seeing LSG running reminds me of NJTTW 😂 his really clever! When he was the "Monkey King" NJTTW season 1
simply janice
simply janice 23 日 前
Eunwoo was born to win!!! 😍👏I love that they played the one song of Astro while Eunwoo is running uphill to win 😊😍
Sunny 23 日 前
'the the' 🤐
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