Ep. 152
SEUNGGI is all WET..!?
The Tissue Baseball

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Wan Khairina
Wan Khairina 22
3:07 is my favourite part when both of them look away不不不
JuanLove SimplyStyle
JuanLove SimplyStyle
Perfect team弘
mong ji
mong ji 2
Pls do check my channel for running man clips 歹歹 posting the ones you wasnt able to see before unlike other vids.
Minerva Maglalang
Minerva Maglalang 8
I love this show ..it so funny...it makes my day happy
Imili Imili
Imili Imili 10
We need traduction arb please I love 歹
Erika Lansiola
Erika Lansiola 11
miramiumiu91 12
I laughed so hard at 3:10 when seunggi and eun woo both looked away when donghyun said to trust him
PTa簽a 13
Watching this at night won't make you sleep!
agustina rowe
agustina rowe 15
Evi Hermilasari
Evi Hermilasari 15
賈木渠 諤 秒到儤鴥潰賄 禺窸 諢穈 窶 穈 鮈 窶 穈
Rhea Valdez
Rhea Valdez 16
Looking forward for a movie with this 5 men, they're so funny
Paula Caleg獺rio
Paula Caleg獺rio 17
love this show!!!!
BTSxArmy #Jimin
BTSxArmy #Jimin 18
訄邿迣郅 邽迮郇迣訄郅邽迮赲訄
訄邿迣郅 邽迮郇迣訄郅邽迮赲訄 19
Dyah Faqot
Dyah Faqot 19
I love for this combination, they are so funny for each other... Like as best friend at senior high school.. i hope this verity show Will be success
Cycy Luna
Cycy Luna 21
3:10 IKR
qhaireen iqa
qhaireen iqa 21
Airen_Hanalee 22
I love Lee seunggi Gi Whatever he does he is handsome
Iza Andrea
Iza Andrea 22
i cant join that game
Hnie Yusof
Hnie Yusof 22
omg seung gi
Wiwin Indasari
Wiwin Indasari 22
Episod yang ini bikin sakit perut.. ngakak mulu gila不不
Sakpaya Hawk
Sakpaya Hawk 23
Eunwoooooooo cute fighting
marina spissm
marina spissm 23
Ragazzi siete simpatici e fantastici 鳶
Vanessa Serrano
Vanessa Serrano 23
Se Hyeong wet it's a joke.... Seung Gi wet: Handsome and Sexy Man...just thinking
Aldebaran Fatihin
Aldebaran Fatihin 23
Always support jipsabu from indonesia.. I always waiting for this variety show.. Fighting jipsabu team返 And i want to see all member of jipsabu in law of jungge reality show..
Noell Andrews
Noell Andrews 23
Good clean fun! They're all taking it so seriously too. Lovely bunch of guys. Wishing them all a blessed and happy new year.
Sky Tiny
Sky Tiny 24
I am here to see LSG shirtless 之
Faiza Mohamed
Faiza Mohamed 24
Who is that one laughing like that
Amira Leane
Amira Leane 23
Yang Se Hyeong. The shortest guy in pink sweater & orange cap
xoxo xoxo
xoxo xoxo 24
when does this show air on tv?
tarrysmeot1 14
Every Sunday at 6 in Korea
Margie Abe
Margie Abe 24
Phimphitchaya Thongdaeng
Phimphitchaya Thongdaeng 25
Yi Lan
Yi Lan 25
Hi, where can we watch the full episode?
Samantha Salvatore
Samantha Salvatore 25
It is available in Viu under its other title All The Butlers
Nafiseh M
Nafiseh M 25
4:20 seunggi being so cute Accept it once I love him so much
doggieluv2 25
SeGi brothers just loves to tease each other but by the end the day, they really care for each other
Maria Jescyll Cordero
Maria Jescyll Cordero 25
next time give them your best shot!儭
eunna eonni
eunna eonni 26
eunwoo and seunggi is like sibling, cant far away from other 不
Dinari 10969er
Dinari 10969er 26
My extraordinary man Seung Gi always sacrifices for the team. They're all like kids love this show!!! 3 years and counting
Dinari 10969er
Dinari 10969er 11
@Qistina Dania I watch it on dramacool but it is available on viki too. Time is 6 or 6:30 KST on sundays
Qistina Dania
Qistina Dania 11
Network? What day this Show? I wait for episodr in One Hd but not come
Marcia Mardones
Marcia Mardones 20
Th廙 T廙 Nga Nguy廙n
Th廙 T廙 Nga Nguy廙n 24
R廙i m廙t l廕吵. M廕 oi
Th廙 T廙 Nga Nguy廙n
Th廙 T廙 Nga Nguy廙n 24
Hope HP
Hope HP 26
So where's his hot body?
DeebeeDoobee 26
I really love the balance of comedy and true friendship between the different butlers, despite big age gaps and different life experiences they all fit together really well and it's a really comfortable atmosphere in every episode. Eunwoo and Seunggi are both playful but in different ways and they add a lot of energy to the team, they make a great duo.
Tess C
Tess C 26
This is really a symbol of friendship between Se Hyeong and Seung Gi. You will see how concern Se Hyeong to Seung Gi after he slap water on Seung Gi. They tease each other much but thats the sign of good friendship. Be safe Butlers! Happy New Year!
Waed abukhalil
Waed abukhalil 26
love LeeSeunggi so much手
Mina 26
This game isnt about strength........
Was he appeared on running man last week?
Michelle Alvera
Michelle Alvera 25
@Nafiseh M Ryu Hyun Jin, the baseball player
Nafiseh M
Nafiseh M 25
Who? Seunggi?
Michelle Alvera
Michelle Alvera 26
Yes, he did
Geraldine Liwanag
Geraldine Liwanag 27
Sehyun and seunggi are like kids.. They bully each other不不
Lisandre Lacosse
Lisandre Lacosse 27
This laugh is one of the most wonderful thing i've heard It's like pure joy, a hyena and a raven at the same time Marvelous
Mariam S
Mariam S 27
the laugh just made it funnier lmaoo
Andi Brown
Andi Brown 27
Revenge is mine!! Lol!! Also funny that they were kind of looking down on Eunwoo's pitch when he did the best one!!
Mar A. Lopz
Mar A. Lopz 27
Hahaha I love this show. Funny!!! Hahahaa
Mhaya Andal
Mhaya Andal 27
Emmy Del Rosario
Emmy Del Rosario 27
I really enjoyed each episode of Master in the House. All the members are game and very determined to showcase their individual talents and skills. No one is pretending to be strong or know how person. They are all adorable. Every time they laugh, I love with them too!
Nic Soh
Nic Soh 27
Seunggi is cuteness overload in this episode.
Lee Seung Gi Lsg
Lee Seung Gi Lsg 27
Jennifer Ni
Jennifer Ni 27
歹 miss you LSG
Anna May Farcon
Anna May Farcon 27
lee seung gi was really great , very handsome after water poured to him. he's being sport to his team mate.
sarah Azzahra
sarah Azzahra 27
indonesian sub
h簿禳繪k璽 m繹rr霾
h簿禳繪k璽 m繹rr霾 27
Jess L
Jess L 27
I was hoping to see Seunggi's body here. No shame
Waed abukhalil
Waed abukhalil 26
me neither
Sophiya Shrestha
Sophiya Shrestha 27
Where can we watch the whole episode serially ? I only get to see 6 minutes clips on youtube and the episodes are random not serially?
Mohanapriya Pichandi
Mohanapriya Pichandi 27
Dada Kim
Dada Kim 27
Its available on Viu but it needs subscription.
pabudu udani
pabudu udani 27
This episode was hella funny! All the butlers got such good chemistry with eachother. I hope they keep this cast the same for long time. I laughed so much不不不
Lusi Rahmayanii
Lusi Rahmayanii 27
Nunu eunwo cutie baby
Ocean S
Ocean S 27
Ocean S
Ocean S 27
they all so funny! we love the show!!!
double dutch
double dutch 27
I'm really amazed by Seung gi. He is not playing it safe and is not afraid to make fun of himself given that he is one of the best and highest paid actor doing serious , and action drama. Most actors don't want to expose their image as an actor in doing variety shows. But Seung gi . heck he just goes with the flow and even doing water splash with HIS BODY EXPOSED. The sacrifices that he made just to make this show interesting. The sacrificed that kang hodong said. "A master of variety shw must give up their images to make the people happy. That is why I adore this guy. He is not playing it safe.
Bia 10
thats why hes the highest paid actor because of the sacrifices he make! a true professional
J i
J i 27
lychee lychee
lychee lychee 27
Eun woo 歹
Jen Manuel
Jen Manuel 27
What a cutie nunu Eunwoo
Wani Sait
Wani Sait 27
munfairy 27
I just saw Ryu on running man. And now he's here.
Novita Sari
Novita Sari 27
Vinice Reyes
Vinice Reyes 27
early here
Carol ine
Carol ine 27
Ive been waiting for someone to upload clips of this episode seunggi so
Zugiyah Giyah
Zugiyah Giyah 27
Oppa leeseungGi氣
Zugiyah Giyah
Zugiyah Giyah 27
Mutia Putri Wiranata
Mutia Putri Wiranata 27
Mercury8 88
Mercury8 88 27
Jared C
Jared C 27
First like and comment 喇歹