[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] Backstage talk befor SBS Entertainment Awards (ENG SUB)

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caratwayv the8
caratwayv the8 2 日 前
Tak jae hoon is so funny i wish they make him regular cast
Banjara Soul
Banjara Soul 5 日 前
I laugh whenever I see wonhee...he’s cute and innocent...
Mo Faas
Mo Faas 5 日 前
I came for Jae Hoon
Sponge Jin
Sponge Jin 6 日 前
I really like this group....everytime they together it always so funny..especially tak jaehoon.hehehe!
myoui madara
myoui madara 6 日 前
jaehoon should really visit running man i think his old crack comedy style can match sukjin pretty easily
John Glenn Cortez
John Glenn Cortez 6 日 前
Kim Grand Award
KIADO 100 BEAST 6 日 前
Plz sup arbic😍
Cynthea 6 日 前
They all look so cool..Heechul in his downtown abbey look..so gorgeous ❤️
Andrea JustAndrea
Andrea JustAndrea 7 日 前
*We are never getting Hong Jinyoung on tv again huh? 😪😓*
hmmm 2 日 前
Ashwini Gurung She was accused of faking or have received bogus doctorate
Ashwini Gurung
Ashwini Gurung 3 日 前
what happened?
Vanesa Paulo
Vanesa Paulo 6 日 前
@fabulousprofound right, its not that she killed someone. She deserves better
fabulousprofound 6 日 前
Sometimes I hate the SK entertainment industry. I know what they said she did was bad, but she has contributed a lot and now no one can speak of her because of the scandal and treat her like she never existed 😢
Uniequorn Priv
Uniequorn Priv 7 日 前
does hong sisters already leave the show? because i don’t see them and their mom anymore? i kinda miss them🥺
Zee Rey
Zee Rey 6 日 前
@Andrea JustAndrea kindly dont ask people to look it up. Just inform them that there's an issue ongoing.
Andrea JustAndrea
Andrea JustAndrea 7 日 前
Hong Jinyoung has a scandal about her past graduate a doctorate degrees, look it up
Maria Andres
Maria Andres 7 日 前
8:50 jaehoon be roasting kjk: "dont mention 'love i dont deserve' [when kjk win daesang]... you werent that loved" 🤣
dtec_ conan
dtec_ conan 7 日 前
SBS Ent.Award Daesang = Kim Jong Kook SBS Drama Award Daesang = Nam Goongmin SBS Withdrawal = Hong Jin Young *congrats to MLOB team and members for their win big at SBS Ent Award 2020..
Vanesa Paulo
Vanesa Paulo 6 日 前
Its not funny.
Zee Rey
Zee Rey 6 日 前
This is not funny. Please don't make fun of her current situation.
enjell 88
enjell 88 7 日 前
lmao Kim Jong Kook won the award and he has to grant them a wish. He's in trouble.
Atuhaire Jenniffer
Atuhaire Jenniffer 日 前
Trouble indeed
Ella Lehmann
Ella Lehmann 7 日 前
If Jae hoon's appears on an episode there is always a guarantee of laughter! Wish he would be a permanent member of the show. He really deserves it! :)
DragonLady XD
DragonLady XD 7 日 前
lmaooo also when he said that he'll thank MUD first but thanked running man😂
Sainza J
Sainza J 7 日 前
I laughed most bcoz of jae hoon.. He is so funny. He tell funny things in a flow n in serious way. His humour is omg.. No one in MLOB is as funny as him..
Jeongyeon's The Best
Jeongyeon's The Best 7 日 前
Jaehoon is really a funny person 😆
Mirakulo 7 日 前
Heechul laid the trap and Jongkook walks right through it. Lol
Nisa Afni
Nisa Afni 7 日 前
Nisa Afni
Nisa Afni 7 日 前
Nurul Ain
Nurul Ain 7 日 前
Wah... JK needs to grant his MLOB members' wish... plussss... the 2 hours LONGterview with Jessie ... lol
Wai Yee
Wai Yee 7 日 前
5:09: what can u promise us if u win the grand award?…5:16🐯: i don't know if i'll win it or not…i'll grant u each a wish if i win it…lol i start worry he'll get himself in trouble😁lol but excited at same time "what requirements would they make from him" lollol pray for our 🐯KOOKIE "2020 MR. KIM DAESANG" hahahaha😁❤🐯🔥🔥
Paul Lopez
Paul Lopez 7 日 前
Where can i stream today and has an english subtitle already?
Paul Lopez
Paul Lopez 6 日 前
@dhien Cirillo thanks dude
dhien Cirillo
dhien Cirillo 7 日 前
Kshow123 try it
Edwin Leonidas
Edwin Leonidas 7 日 前
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Prasith Oudomvilay
Prasith Oudomvilay 7 日 前
He won grand prize so has to grant them wishes lol
fabulousprofound 6 日 前
He made too many promises! I’m still waiting for him to do the two hour special with Jessi 😅
Lester Mak
Lester Mak 7 日 前
He's smart, that way he can appear more on the show in their individual segments 😂😂😂
u100me 7 日 前
Hhaha yeah, its better to make one promise that heechul ask him rather than have to grant all of their wishes 😂
nonickslick 7 日 前
Where can you watch full episodes of this show?
Joshephine Khuptong
Joshephine Khuptong 7 日 前
Dhani 7 日 前
who's the old guy on heechul's left? the pd?
JB 1121433
JB 1121433 6 日 前
they won best couple with wonhee iirc
adam pilget
adam pilget 7 日 前
No he is wonhee's frnd
black odle
black odle 7 日 前
I laugh the most whenever jong kook and hee chul are together!! the two of them have a great chemistry lol 😆
fajardwi utomo
fajardwi utomo 6 日 前
Its like kwangsoo in running man but with no fear at all.
u100me 7 日 前
@black odle yess, another one is tak jae hoon, but Jongkook still able to argue with him. Heechul is more savage, seems like he knows a lot of secrets in k-celebrity world, so no one dare to arguing with him 😆
black odle
black odle 7 日 前
@u100me hee chul guts to attack jong kook makes no other one to act like that HAHA
u100me 7 日 前
Hahaha yeah there are not a lot of people who dare to talk back or even jokingly attack jongkook like heechul 😆
januarry 7 日 前
youre parasite 😂
Kore Veben
Kore Veben 7 日 前
Kore Veben
Kore Veben 7 日 前
Türkçe dil gelsin lütfen
Phoenix Immanuel
Phoenix Immanuel 7 日 前
Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
naiman ismail
naiman ismail 7 日 前
Knowing Bros: Divorce Jokes
heechul jjang
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