[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] Father, tell mother like this...😘 (ENG SUB)

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14 日 前

JONGKOOK becomes the Cupid for his parents
"Don't forget to wear a mask, because....?"
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angelynee May
angelynee May 3 日 前
I think women are afraid to marry jongkook because He's such a MAN man iykwim. He had this belief where man is the leader of the family, and I think it comes from his father. Tbh I'm kinda pissed when jongkook asked why his father wiped off his mother's red lipstick on her wedding day and his father answered it just because he didn't like it. That's a big yikes.
stephanie tyson
stephanie tyson 7 日 前
Is that Anne with an E?
Flame zodiac
Flame zodiac 8 日 前
Jongkook is so handsome and kind whoever will be his wife will be so lucky
Jack Harding
Jack Harding 9 日 前
YAMI 9 日 前
His father is so cute😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂but the mom keeps nagging which made the romantic scenes don't feel touching at all😂❤️❤️
out log
out log 9 日 前
" covid-19 saved you dad " 😆
ian pentagram
ian pentagram 9 日 前
as a man KJK its real my role model, except about marriage hahahaha... this man look so gentle, strong, but really good to take care with women, children and family (older people)
maqs 9 日 前
This feels very private. I feel bad for watching it
Tenzin 10 日 前
He is such a fillal son🤎
Limau Oren
Limau Oren 10 日 前
the reason i love kim jong kook so much,
Kath Gales
Kath Gales 10 日 前
I'm about to cry but then I'll laugh afterwards huhuhu
Jaylene Miller
Jaylene Miller 10 日 前
That has to be one of the cutes videos I have seen in a long time. Lovely father and son relationship!!
Denish Rai
Denish Rai 10 日 前
M a man.. But I swear I can never be this good gentleman no matter how much I try😅 But I still try.. Kjk is just a wholesome man .. I really wish I could be such a good man💜
HyaSmallz 11 日 前
Everyone get VIKI Rakuten app it has every episode up to date and subs‼️
Elizabeth Banta
Elizabeth Banta 11 日 前
This was so sweet I cried way to much. This also made me feel so lonely.
Elizabeth Banta
Elizabeth Banta 3 日 前
@ian pentagram I think he’s so handsome. I agree I think it’s hard to find decent men now. I think we have made a society that is always looking for something better. I just want someone who wants to be by my side and wants to grow together. I think KJK will be an amazing husband.
ian pentagram
ian pentagram 9 日 前
KJK like really ideal to be a good husdband for me, but i dont know why in this country man like him hard to find someone for love. because this man not handsome? for us man i think he has handsome but i dont know how women see it
S.M.Crew 11 日 前
whoa what episode that jongkook visited canada? im from canada pls tell me 😁😁😁
S.M.Crew 10 日 前
@crastinus ok thank you thank u 😁😁
crastinus 10 日 前
@S.M.Crew 149, 151-153
S.M.Crew 11 日 前
@Keira Tan whoa i would love to watch that episode, do you what episode it is??
Keira Tan
Keira Tan 11 日 前
yes,he traveled to Canada w/his dad
good vibes
good vibes 11 日 前
I love watching kjk with his parents . Specially his dad
_ aesthetic
_ aesthetic 11 日 前
I cant to watch next episode
Zoua Lee
Zoua Lee 12 日 前
Awww...I love this episode!!
Zul Syafiq
Zul Syafiq 12 日 前
When the son teach his dad how to do pickup lines 🤣
M. A.
M. A. 12 日 前
I think the way JK's father talking s sooo much like JK 🤣🤣
Grace For Willi
Grace For Willi 12 日 前
My favorite and only Korean act, singe etc. KJK Oopa... He's good inside and outside
Vusi Gama
Vusi Gama 8 日 前
Im from south Africa.. Im a fan of kim jong kook. Been watching my little old boy for a while now
Astaratz 12 日 前
Tbh, I love bratty kjk more than sparta kjk 😂
XoIbMaRlox 12 日 前
My parents were like this.. my dad passed short of their 34th wedding anniversary. I feel sorry for my mom because she can no longer celebrate those anniversaries with him. I plan to celebrate with her when it comes, though I know it’s not the same
daniela silva
daniela silva 12 日 前
Aww they are so cute . They look like they’d be sweet in laws . I’d marry him but he’s to far ha ha . He should find a wife soon so we can see happy with his babies .
Pragati Babar
Pragati Babar 12 日 前
He is the most devoted son to his parents ❤️❤️.. i ever seen.. I mean. If he wants to try something..like going on a trip or a vacation..This parents are always on the top list. This mom n dad came to his mind. Oppa is really good son. I hope he find his love too❤️
Cymer josh Josh
Cymer josh Josh 12 日 前
Olden times some men are embarrass themselves to say , i love you, but their actions are pure to show how their affection and love towards the woman they cheerish inside their own heart, bravo kjk giving instructions to ur father, thats my boy, but we hope you will be having a long table within this year 2021, its already the right time for you to have a kjk juni0r 👍😊😊😊💖
Grace Whitene
Grace Whitene 12 日 前
SeiryuuAi 13 日 前
It's so hilarious and relief see them doing nice things together for KJK mom. This is rare to see father and son doing things back to back like this situation. Some son not so close with their father. As KJK is comfortable enough as he can talk freely about his parents marriage life with his father, which is rare and means how close they are. KJK is really good material to be a husband. Hey woman (Korean expecially) out there, try to catch him! As a fan, please someone there be his most beloved one!
Andrea JustAndrea
Andrea JustAndrea 13 日 前
*I wonder how JK works out nowadays, with the gyms being closed and all..*
K-self 13 日 前
Im sure KJK would be a wonderful husband but he will have to marry someone who loves the gym like him 😂🤣
Yogurt me
Yogurt me 13 日 前
I cry so much seeing jong kook oppa father do all what his son advice him to do ... especially when they talk about how he worried of his wife when she got cancer... how he want to marry her wife again ....😭am i such a weird person... its just i felt so touch seeing him give jong kook oppa mother a bouquet of flowers... put on a seatbelt for her.. 😍😍😍😍😍 jong kook oppa you are sure a really good son... for sure you open your dad heart to be more express his feeling in action and words...
Kyla San Pascual
Kyla San Pascual 13 日 前
A son teaching his father 😂 KJK is really a pro at this things 🤣 He does know how to make girl's heart flutter.Like Haha said,he just have a hard time picking the right girl for him coz there are too many.
Kyla San Pascual
Kyla San Pascual 13 日 前
Her mother looks so happy seeing him with his Dad.What a cute scenery 💕
ATHeNa FLC 13 日 前
Superb evening date of his dad and his mum for 48th annv. His dad nailed it!! Love the dad n son bonding time , it was hilarious .
Muhammad Nur Iman
Muhammad Nur Iman 13 日 前
Best sonn
Nisa Afni
Nisa Afni 13 日 前
William Yeh the batman
William Yeh the batman 13 日 前
what the drama name with the seatbelt scene
Olided Ramos
Olided Ramos 13 日 前
Hyde Jekyll, Me
Sharon Belcher
Sharon Belcher 13 日 前
Oh I love his laugh They sure do favor
ImFriendly 13 日 前
Jong Kook is that one guy who gives love advice to all his other friends and they all get attached while he remains single XD
TY's YS 13 日 前
Jungkook's mom is right. He is more like a cute and chatty daughter to his parents.
Keira Tan
Keira Tan 11 日 前
Jong Kook*
Mónica ZASE
Mónica ZASE 13 日 前
Charla entre hombres☺️ padre e hijo 👏🏻👏🏻 difícil o fácil para algunos😁 pero para el papá de Kim Jong Kook 😅 demostrar sus sentimientos no es tan simple 💞
neko mao
neko mao 13 日 前
Good to see kjk and his father interaction these days tho...since kjk said his father kinda hard to open up...
LOTTY 13 日 前
Vadelrion Neskara
Vadelrion Neskara 13 日 前
I still remember that Jong Kook never wanted to talk in X man and Family Outing He really deserved 2020 Daesang for sure for adapting the variety shows like this
Miss1894 13 日 前
He is a good son 🥰 hope his family stay healthy for a long long time.
Melinda Salim
Melinda Salim 14 日 前
his dad loves canada and jongkook loves LA lol
Beulah O
Beulah O 14 日 前
So adorable!
Rinchen Tsheyang
Rinchen Tsheyang 14 日 前
Its funny to see how jongkook tries so much contradictory to his behaviour in running man. Whichever it is, appreciate his love and care for his parents.🙆🙆🙆
Matet Layosa
Matet Layosa 14 日 前
Joongkok father is so cute and funny here. I envy their sweet moments. Not everyone are gifted with these kind of parents.
Tangshang Rangsa Marak
Tangshang Rangsa Marak 14 日 前
The question is that, "When Jk will get marry?? Will he get enough time to see his children grown up??" Cuz' no one expect that one will live long, well time is unexpected always.. its like maybe or maybe not.
Tangshang Rangsa Marak
Tangshang Rangsa Marak 14 日 前
@Rekan Payne i wish, he is...
Rekan Payne
Rekan Payne 14 日 前
He prolly will live till 150 years old
IMY 14 日 前
“I felt like my luck ran out” - damn that hits differently. Hoping kjk’s family continues to have good health!
emily s
emily s 9 日 前
i know right? this one really hit a spot right in the heart
ricky kim
ricky kim 14 日 前
I love this episode 😍
Wai Yee
Wai Yee 14 日 前
So many sweets touching moment in 🐯KOOKIE segment…really love this cute tsunder father n son conversations…5:24🐯: …5:29…5:39🐯: i'm going to draw my wife's face every year❤…his DAD: that's nice do whatever u want…🐯: DAD just do one…9:37 DAD: no matter how much u ask i can't do it…But in the end his father did it all What that his son telling him to do lol How lovely sweets family❤…he's a son but he's like a daughter thoughtfulness warm sweets to his parents…i think he really makes his father feel touching…his DAD tell his MOM: Our son make me laugh so much❤…awww really love this lovely sweets family please always keep stay safe n healthy💪❤🐯🔥🔥
SeiryuuAi 14 日 前
Kim Jong Kook father is like other typical Asians father's. They seem don't take slightest care about their wife (our mother) but, deep inside they're thankful and really care about their spouse. They really shy (or I could say 'alter-ego) to admit their care and love using some kind, comforting words or just to say "I Love You" to their wife, but they interpret them via their actions. When we are children, we often think that our father not closed or love our mother, but actually they really love her and thankful for her because being their partner and companions also bear with his antics until their death. What he said about his love for his wife is sincere, as they lived together so much long (Love after marriage). I am close with both my parents and my father, if he had a problems with my mother, he will consult me about that. My mother last time have distress because her parents (my grandparents) died in same year (the different time of death only around 2 months apart) and he do everything to make her happy again, but my mother still shut herself up. He sought my help (I was study at university and stay at hostel that time) and then we, together succeed to bring her back to normal life until now. It's also same when my mother been diagnoses with anemia disorder (low red platelet in blood) and ovarian cysts, he really worried about her, because she did not want to admit at hospital to have further checking. He sought my help (I working, but my work place at other state and far from home) and called me back to convince and persuade my mother to get treatment at hospital after he tried but failed to do so (my mother is hard headed). The doctor told us that my mother maybe not have any chance to life, as her blood platelet only 20%. That time, 1st time in my life heard my father said," If your mother leave (this world), I don't know how can I lived without her (presence), as I so accustomed live with her, which our marriage life is same old as your age, daughter". Now I have seen my father really do what he said, and my mother able to heal, recuperate which is great shock for doctor. I think other than medicine, my father effort to spent more time with her, joke, teased and take her out (sometimes I give order to my other siblings to not intervened when they went out) the main reason why my mother still healthy now. Kim Jong Kook father's just do what his son said as: 1. he did not want KJK to nag at him 2. he have confidence as this is his son idea 3. want to make the situation more lively, not awkward; as you see they are on camera (he did not acting, the words are really sincere). As for KJK, as a fan, really pray for him to able meet a good, caring wife to his parents and interact more like daughter to them other then daughter-in-law. Maybe after 20 years later, he (KJK) with his children can sit back like this and talk about the same topic too. Good luck KJK!
kaisya imaan
kaisya imaan 14 日 前
Sweet talk..father and son..soo touching.. Make me remember to my late father
dtec_ conan
dtec_ conan 14 日 前
KJK: I'm going to draw my wife's face every year Rain: I'm going to watch him and ask his wife later.. 🤣🤣
Tolu 14 日 前
How many times did he say dad?
Herlin Takasihaeng
Herlin Takasihaeng 14 日 前
KJK : Why didn't you go? (Trip with Mom) Was because of Covid-19? DAD : We can't because of Covid 19 KJK : Covid-19 saved you Dad 😂😂😂
KIADO 100 BEAST 14 日 前
King kjk76 🥰
muhd khairuddin
muhd khairuddin 14 日 前
Thanks...I really loved it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Devania Sou
Devania Sou 14 日 前
Talking about wedding suddenly remember KJK interview with Jessi 😂 full of fun
zyk 14 日 前
Tips for woman to find good man is when they can talk with their father like this. Like friend and soft when they r with their mom.
Nur Mafazah
Nur Mafazah 14 日 前
9:24 aikk 😍😍😍🥰
nur hazleen
nur hazleen 14 日 前
can someone tell me where can i watch the full episode? :(
HyaSmallz 11 日 前
Just get the app VIKI it’s the best app for Korean Variety shows subs and everything
syabil azfar
syabil azfar 14 日 前
if illegal site usually I watch at kshow123.net
Keira Tan
Keira Tan 14 日 前
Viu is legal so it's better..but I think it's still premium now. If you don't want to wait for too long,you can watch on Kisstvshow (but it's illegal website)
Christy Rulli Rafaela
Christy Rulli Rafaela 14 日 前
The return of superman upgrade ver.:
Ahmad Ashraf
Ahmad Ashraf 14 日 前
Always thought JK mom raise them alone or the dad is long dead. What a surprise. 😲
No_Name9001 14 日 前
if women wants to understand men just watch this interaction between father and son and you'll probably learn something
No_Name9001 14 日 前
hope someone can relate to this and take something out of it
No_Name9001 14 日 前
as we get older men are more infatuated towards their partner but if they usually fight they won't show how much it means for them to have their partner by their side
No_Name9001 14 日 前
men who are shy are usually the most romantice type or clearly just a stalker for some depends on the situation, so usually guys that are direct are usually looking for 1 night stand and nothing more for the future
wonder woman
wonder woman 14 日 前
Kjk father just like my bf..he removed my lipstick and eyeshadow just by his own bare back hand ..becoz its just too red..he doesnt like me appear with thick makeup in public..🤭🤭
Jesha Hope Mendoza
Jesha Hope Mendoza 14 日 前
I don't know but i keep smiling~
Jesha Hope Mendoza
Jesha Hope Mendoza 14 日 前
FAMILY is one of the things u should be proud oh having of.
Jesha Hope Mendoza
Jesha Hope Mendoza 14 日 前
Cahles 14 日 前
At a young age i noticed that its hard for me to say i love you to my love ones. I didnt how and when it occured, i just noticed that its hard for me to say those words. So i just let my actions to show that i love them and i care for them. My mother said that its okay even i cant say those words as long as she feels the sincerity in me.
Jesha Hope Mendoza
Jesha Hope Mendoza 14 日 前
Others may say jongkook is scary, but for me he is totally lovely.. when it comes to his friends, family, co workers even his muscle...HAHHAHA He is totally a lovable person. I hope he ends up loving someone who can also loves him more than anyone else.
Keira Tan
Keira Tan 4 日 前
@T M. yea..that's true,but bcause of his role in runningman, stupid haters hate him with that reason
T M.
T M. 4 日 前
He never was scary.
zarif eirfan
zarif eirfan 5 日 前
Yeni Heriyani
Yeni Heriyani 10 日 前
he had bad past in his group career thts why hes acting tough
Keira Tan
Keira Tan 11 日 前
Jong Kook* ikr...he is really a warm hearted person and really cuteeeeee
SD 14 日 前
Jong kooks Dad doesn’t cannot be corny and fake saying I love u or being romantic but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the mom ...the mom wouldn’t be with the Dad if she didn’t feel love from her husband & for some women who is actually confident and not needy don’t needs hear it so long they can feel it . I think she knows her husband is a good man , a good provider , and a good father , and just a good person in general is all she could have prayed for in a man .. their is a lot of men in this world 🌎 that uses and abuses the word I love u loosely that it already is not sincere and mean nothing , so I’m with the mom so long u can feel the love ❤️ and see it through actions then that is more then enough.
Kayla Vwj
Kayla Vwj 13 日 前
But she still wants to hear the words so he's trying hard to make his mom happier because it's their wedding anniversary so having his dad finally say them would make the day even more special.
neko mao
neko mao 13 日 前
To me his father kinda hard to express his feeling tho...
Sh NF 14 日 前
Which is why it would be more meaningful if he said it, cause he rarely said it, so when he does it's very special.
Kalvin Lee
Kalvin Lee 14 日 前
Ho ho kim daesang luv the way you interact with your father ❤️ but when you get married 😏
Keira Tan
Keira Tan 14 日 前
This yearr!! Hope soo...😅
Lotus Love
Lotus Love 14 日 前
Surely KJK will is a sweet husband to the lucky girl.
Basaria Siahaan
Basaria Siahaan 7 日 前
Maybe...but when? He was old, 44 y.o
Geralt The Rivia
Geralt The Rivia 14 日 前
Kim Jong Kook is also in Return of Superman, but he's the kid.
u100me 12 日 前
The witty comment thay i never thought, but its true 🤣🤣🤣
Jaesen Dungca
Jaesen Dungca 13 日 前
Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mira Fazi
Mira Fazi 14 日 前
I also thought about that 🤣
If my future husband does that, I'm not gonna marry him
Andrea JustAndrea
Andrea JustAndrea 13 日 前
*Yea but u can’t blame him..... raised by a very patriarchal conservative generation*
Phyo Maung Maung Kyaw
Phyo Maung Maung Kyaw 13 日 前
I love all of you because I love you. You don't need make up to be pretty because you are most beautiful girl for me. I did do it because your beauty didn't need to be covered by red. 😍😍😘😘
neko mao
neko mao 13 日 前
If about make up...maybe his father want to see his mother natural face on that wedding day...different ppl different taste tho
burberry 14 日 前
when you’re getting teary but then you hear dongyeob’s laugh 😹
Muhamad Sahal
Muhamad Sahal 14 日 前
Jong kook harus melukis foto song ji hyo
Rubiah Yahaya
Rubiah Yahaya 14 日 前
Setuju..Kim Jong Kook..patut melukis potret..pretty Song Ji Hyo.. Tentu really awesome.. Lovable couple.
Matthias Joseph
Matthias Joseph 14 日 前
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Marife Flores
Marife Flores 14 日 前
Soooo adorable family,...❤❤,..
Hoseok jeon
Hoseok jeon 14 日 前
I start crying when jongkook ask his father about how he feel when her mother diagnosed with cancer😢😢
gintoki sakata
gintoki sakata 14 日 前
Wthhh they went to capilano bridge?, I would've gone there had I known lol
Oliver Troy
Oliver Troy 14 日 前
Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Lulu Lala
Lulu Lala 14 日 前
I want to have a man like jongkook. I swear i want him for the rest of my life. He's the best man ever.
lina Ha
lina Ha 14 日 前
The dynamic between them is out of this world.. They are so funny.. Great relationship what a healthy relationship
정경년GallyC 14 日 前
Francisco96165 14 日 前
0:39 chat-elegant-girls.online
yan wei
yan wei 14 日 前
This is the best !!!!
yan wei
yan wei 14 日 前
Son chatting with father is a really really nice thing to do in our lifes
Keira Tan
Keira Tan 14 日 前
And in the end, his father done everything JK said 😂
Phyo Maung Maung Kyaw
Phyo Maung Maung Kyaw 10 日 前
@Razorrr dramacool or kisstvshow (google it)
Keira Tan
Keira Tan 12 日 前
@Razorrr yeaa..happy that I can help you🙏🙏
Razorrr 13 日 前
@Keira Tan thank you very much I appreciate this ❤️ have a blessed day
Eurus 13 日 前
He did indeed!! 😂
Keira Tan
Keira Tan 13 日 前
@Razorrr u can watch in viu,it's legal..but u have to wait until next monday if you're not premium. If you can't wait too long..u can watch in kisstvshow on google, but this is the ileggal one 🙏
Jeremiah Moses
Jeremiah Moses 14 日 前
I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞
Kael Jalen
Kael Jalen 14 日 前
Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖
Jaesen Dungca
Jaesen Dungca 14 日 前
Pls make Jihyo Unnie part of this family 😍💐
Steve Walters
Steve Walters 14 日 前
Don't force them in a fake love line. They hate when fans do that
BIGBANG is LiFeuu 14 日 前
Yoo Eun Hye
Rubiah Yahaya
Rubiah Yahaya 14 日 前
Song Ji Hyo..will be their adorable ..sweet daughter in law. Because she can be a good,loving caring wife .n Kim Jong Kook's soulmate .Together they'll be a loving n caring parents with beautiful children.
Keira Tan
Keira Tan 14 日 前
@Jaesen Dungca 😉
Jaesen Dungca
Jaesen Dungca 14 日 前
@Keira Tan true true 😉
Qwert Qwert
Qwert Qwert 14 日 前
Awww..sweet episode,jk oppa is a good son and his parents is cute. 😚
phlovespartace 14 日 前
I swear, I was teary eyed in this ep. He got loving parents and I love how they interact with each other😭
Jesha Hope Mendoza
Jesha Hope Mendoza 5 日 前
@Well Played but I know you will be a good parent someday like how jongkook's parents treat jongkook💖
Well Played
Well Played 6 日 前
I don't have a dad to act like that
Jesha Hope Mendoza
Jesha Hope Mendoza 7 日 前
ey I watch your videos PHLOVESPARTACE!!! *philippine fan also here
Don't Forget U'r Mask!
Don't Forget U'r Mask! 14 日 前
@Rama World same with me
Rama World
Rama World 14 日 前
Lol me too my father and i cant be act like that
Baby Baby
Baby Baby 14 日 前
Hola xd
vrinda v nair vrinda
vrinda v nair vrinda 14 日 前
Someone Behind You
Someone Behind You 14 日 前
First one !
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