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You have to disappear!!
The QUEEN of teasing lol

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Ashleyiscool 4
Please cast Jae Hoon as a regular member!!!!! PD nims u can see we all laugh so hard whenever we see Jae Hoon!!! Its not easy to search and his parts to watch!!!
Riyaa Limbu
Riyaa Limbu 5
He should be permanent member I am watching MLOB because of him and his funny jokes
Rk Rk
Rk Rk 5
I'm so fon of kim hee sun, i like her!!if you have shows please suggest me
Angela Kalangfay
Angela Kalangfay 6
不不不 been laughing out loud my jaws hurt but still i kept watching it over nd over she's so funny
Car Shee
Car Shee 18
Awww this segment is so funny
Rk Rk
Rk Rk
I didnot know her after watching alice, she's really witty/funny
Annehanim Ong
Annehanim Ong
It never gets old. I always laugh hard when i rewatch this so many times. Haha. Hope jae hoon will become a regular soon. Fighting! 返返
Kamp Gumeson
Kamp Gumeson
HEESUN is savage
stayup Urgel
stayup Urgel 2 嗆
She's so beautiful
stayup Urgel
stayup Urgel 2 嗆
Iremeber to her Lee hyori
hxm 446
hxm 446 2 嗆
He is so funny, I hope he become regular member
Hasibullah Amirzada
Hasibullah Amirzada 2 嗆
He definitely should be a regular I was wondering too. He's very fun to watch I indeed like him a lottt
Emily 2 嗆
To be honest, I love his segments. He says random things out of nowhere that have me laughing like crazy. He definitely should be a permanent member. I normally skip other segments but never his
Sarah Adawiyah
Sarah Adawiyah 2 嗆
Her laugh is legendary, Her habit of hitting people went laughing is still there
star1000 song
star1000 song 2 嗆
danshinss 2 嗆
lol omg tak jaehoon kills me all the time, i used to only watch heechul and kim jongkooks segments but now i watch whenever tak jaehoon is there too
Zulina Suzai
Zulina Suzai 2 嗆
Hahahahahah...i like that girl...she's funny!
Fz 2 嗆
ary Snaza
ary Snaza 2 嗆
Today gloomy day but too watch this my stomach hurt because laugh thank u
Thithuha Nguyen
Thithuha Nguyen 2 嗆
Khs so cute..... funny
Random Tales
Random Tales 2 嗆
Tak Jae Hoon has always been so witty, his so funny.
HanFanyVal 2 嗆
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen 2 嗆
I like Moon Tak
JK golden
JK golden 2 嗆
I watch this show because of him. If he is not a regular by now that's just RIDICULOUS
Nathan Chong
Nathan Chong 2 嗆
4:00. That's so sad..
Jerry Moo
Jerry Moo 2 嗆
You drift away because you don't fit in 不
KimCherryPetals 2 嗆
Please make jaehoon oppa regular member.. he so funny.. he so honest actually, from this show I begin start to like him..
Chloe Maro
Chloe Maro 3 嗆
窸渠 諻窸渠 窵 篞賈 窸 黺 到潺庖 鮈窶. 原 篧. 不
Kkab Yul Jjang
Kkab Yul Jjang 3 嗆
I watched Moms Diary when Jong Kook was new. Now I only watch clips when Tak Jae Hoon is on the thumbnail or if KJK brings the RM crew.
Amirah Nadiah
Amirah Nadiah 3 嗆
Jae hoon should be permanent member right now
FragilE NCore
FragilE NCore 3 嗆
She's the queen of teasing but when she appeared in knowing brothers she's the one who got teased.. Hahahahhaha
fernanda maria
fernanda maria 3 嗆
I wish Jaehoon is casted as a regular member, he is naturally funny. By this time he deserve to be a permanent member.
ghibi 3 嗆
I guess it's what they call a regular guest.
while 3 嗆
I'm almost half that woman's age but her beauty would still make me feel nervous if I was around her. Incredibly blessed.
Hossett Tren
Hossett Tren 3 嗆
she so funny...comment that he disappear during lunar eclipse
Hossett Tren
Hossett Tren 3 嗆
i agree tak is so funny
Hossett Tren
Hossett Tren 3 嗆
ive never laughed so much...she's such wotty natural funny person lol
Richelle Castillo
Richelle Castillo 3 嗆
jae hoon always make the episode real funny
Roshni Gurung
Roshni Gurung 3 嗆
At first, I did not watch it.. but after watching it, I regret it.. its really funny.. I laughed whenever he speaks... he is funny person... please PDmin and writer-min hire him...
Ragini Singh
Ragini Singh 3 嗆
Jae hoon is super funny... loved watching him on knowing bros... wish i could see him more with eng subtitles...
i watched this before i swear to god hee sun is too funny i can't handle it
Mr. Dee
Mr. Dee 3 嗆
Seriously, this scene is the most funny that i ever watched.. I laughed nonstop watching this..Everyone tries to say something good about jae hoon situation but its end up everytime they tried, they just hurted him.. Hahaha
Rain In May
Rain In May 3 嗆
I cant stop laughing eventhough replay many times !
Sha Kateye
Sha Kateye 3 嗆
wait, so tak jae hoon is not the permanent cast????
Donna Cuer
Donna Cuer 3 嗆
PDnim please make jaehon adjussi become official member.. hes very funny,, it's become more fun when he appears..without trying hard he is very funny
Kristine Ann
Kristine Ann 3 嗆
Honestly though out of all of the members, Jaehoon is the funniest including Heechul and Jong Kook. So why are they not considering making him a regular member despite the pandemic?? They're definitely gonna regret not making him a regular member once another reality program offers him a job.
Gamia 007
Gamia 007 2 嗆
maybe because Jaehoon has scandal before, that why PD hesitant make him permanent member
Green Star
Green Star 3 嗆
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her
Diana Osazenaye
Diana Osazenaye 3 嗆
She was so funny !!!
Prasith Oudomvilay
Prasith Oudomvilay 3 嗆
Jae hoon should be a cast member by now!
LoebRules 3 嗆
Jae Hoon should be a regular. He's by far the funniest
dersai saydher
dersai saydher 12
I personally feel that he is Daesung material for this show as far as entertainment goes. I personally think the Daesung is a popularity or branding thing, but I can't help that those who get the award or awards in general are popular but not necessarily the most entertaining. I feel like their should be a daily recording of who was impactfull per episode then total the impact or entertainment value by the end of the year for the Daesung. This should not be hard with naver's already built algorithms
James Brown
James Brown 23
@LoebRules meh that was ages ago, like sugeun, again I think its just the reputation of being incredibly lazy during filming lmao
Its HeyDayAt
Its HeyDayAt 2 嗆
@Abelle Kurayami rather than the controversy..I think its bcz of his past etiquette on shows that makes the pd wary to cast him
LoebRules 2 嗆
@unknown - illegal gambling. Not a real issue. Korea doesn't like you gambling with your own money
unknown -
unknown - 2 嗆
Which controversy?
Nouf .o
Nouf .o 3 嗆
堶堥堛 堛堿 堛堭堿堜 之
Josie1222 C.
Josie1222 C. 3 嗆
The producers should have Tae Jae Hoons mother as a guest on the panel. I would love to see her chat about her son.
Yveranica 3 嗆
What ep is this?
Tama Rose
Tama Rose 3 嗆
Tak Jae-hoon makes me come to watch this show again. Every episode that has him in it was always fun and entertaining. Hope he'd be a regular member.
Wening Tyas GK
Wening Tyas GK 3 嗆
I Love him.. He's so funny
Clara Park
Clara Park 3 嗆
Im watching Alice and came here
Jaiane Blasius
Jaiane Blasius 3 嗆
Really nice 歹
Stephone Cloud
Stephone Cloud 3 嗆
Poot Tak jae hoon.. After Jin Young now he being teased by Hee sun.. Hahaha...
GiGi 3 嗆
JaeHon is so funny
Susan Lee
Susan Lee 3 嗆
I enjoyed watching coz of Jae Hoon, he is witty and so funny.
Stellarya Luna
Stellarya Luna 3 嗆
WE ALL MUST ADMIT THAT EVERY EPISODE WITH TAK JAE HOON IS THE FUNNIEST. p/s: My favourites are of course the Single versus Divorcee series (from divorce prediction, playing volleyball and Hong Jin Young ideal type competition). The episodes with Kangnam are also the funniest!!!! Tak Jae Hoon is the best.
Hajinrei 2 嗆
every scene with Jae Hoon is gold
JK golden
JK golden 2 嗆
When he said Jongkooks wife would run away不
Stellarya Luna
Stellarya Luna 3 嗆
Since the episode of Single versus Divorcee, I was wondering, why Tak Jae Hoon hasn't yet got casting as a regular member? All his comments are witty and funny remarks.
Stellarya Luna
Stellarya Luna 2 嗆
@HanFanyVal i can sense that he'd be less motivated but I think in this pandemic times, he's more desperate to find a permanent job.
HanFanyVal 2 嗆
hes basically permanent at this point but sangmin said shows cant make him regulars since once he becomes a regular he loses motivation HAHAHAH its better if he just stays as a guest he appears more than the permanent cast anyways
Stellarya Luna
Stellarya Luna 3 嗆
@Sha Kateye bad working attitudes (not punctual, full of himself etc) - this times was when he's are famous. So i think because of his previous working behavior makes the production team quite hesistate to cast him.
Sha Kateye
Sha Kateye 3 嗆
@W L what about his attitude? i just knew that he has scandal
Stellarya Luna
Stellarya Luna 3 嗆
@W L Yea i can guess that already. Started since his divorce issue and his behaviour. I've watched his old shows before. He was indeed a funny guy. Despite being so funny, he get many backlashes because of his outspoken remarks. He was even a famous entertainer in Korean entertainment industry back in 90s, along with Turbo.
Bijou Ruby
Bijou Ruby 3 嗆
"Semi regular member " my goodness!!!
R U JELLY? 3 嗆
She sure is one of the most beautiful celebrities ever
Victor Oh
Victor Oh 3 嗆
Poor Jaehoon, he's the punching bag of Little Old Boy
Luo Luo
Luo Luo 3 嗆
~ I click when i see Jaehoonssi in thumbail on this show. 予 ~ Its nice to see kijoonssi again 弘 ~ Its my first time seeing her mole
u100me 3 嗆
Tak Jae Hoon is so funny and witty, but I guess the MUD production tim doesnt want to take risk by officially announce him as a regular cast because his past reputation or image wasnt really good on knetz eyes.
W L 3 嗆
@Sha Kateye by that time his kids studied abroad and his ex-wife moved together to take care them. They got divorced by then. He got hurt pretty much bcoz of this and therefore towards bad working attitude... (Im not sure where his ex-wife live now, but his kids seem back to Korea already)
Sha Kateye
Sha Kateye 3 嗆
@W L the wife didn't live in korea?
W L 3 嗆
@R U JELLY? this is not only bcoz of gambling. If yes, lee sugeun, Tony ahn, Kim Jinho, etc shd all b hated by Korean.... his working attitude became bad when he forced to divorce due to long distance relationships. Thats y even people dont hate him, PDs have hesitation to cast him on regular basis.
u100me 3 嗆
@Dorianne Pontez i've heard about that too when he became a guest on Knowing brother. He might be try to change a lil bit better now but any broadcast station or program may still need time to cast him as a regular because it'll influence their brand value. So for a while now they still only accept him as a guest.
R U JELLY? 3 嗆
And just cause he gambled 仄領儭that shit is so double standard in Korea that is stupid in every popular show they gamble or there is casinos but only for foreigners 仄領儭 and there is even a korean casino but as soon as u step out u can't even mention the word gamble 仄領儭
Shaima Nafa
Shaima Nafa 3 嗆
I love Kim Hee Sun's personality She's very honest and outgoing I heard that she allowed the residents of her building to delay rent payments and for a few months she didn't ask for rent at all because she knows they are struggling financially because of Covid-19. She is my second favourite actress
Shaima Nafa
Shaima Nafa 3 嗆
@R U JELLY? This show has 15% viewership rate in South Korea and the most popular program on SBS (among mothers/the older generation in particular), Kim Hee Sun is here to promote her SBS drama 'Alice' so it is normal that she picks this program for promotion purposes and ofcourse it is easier for her to spend time with people she knows like Lee Sang Min and Im Won Hee instead of interacting with the other sons.
R U JELLY? 3 嗆
She sure is and i am amazed that they casted her for this show
smnsqs 3 嗆
after all she is beautiful
Momo Kukululu
Momo Kukululu 3 嗆
I love jae hoon.. hes so funny.. hahahahahahaha
Sometimes RM Wife, Sometimes Hobi Wife
Sometimes RM Wife, Sometimes Hobi Wife 3 嗆
At first, I only watched moms diary because of Jongkook and only his portions in the whole episode. But after I found out Jae Hoon, he was too funny so I cant help exploring all episodes and rewatched because of Tak Jae Hoon. He is such a gem for this show.
Krys Tal
Krys Tal 3 嗆
Same ^^
Susan Lee
Susan Lee 3 嗆
Me too.
Shaima Nafa
Shaima Nafa 3 嗆
Same here!
Nisa Afni
Nisa Afni 3 嗆
Jo Ren
Jo Ren 3 嗆
If what Tak Jae Hoon saying is true (and not just for the sake of being funny), I hope they already make him a regular in this show because hes such a great asset. There wasnt an episode where he was shown that I havent laughed out loud.
LoebRules 3 嗆
100% agreed
Buddyfriend 24
Buddyfriend 24 3 嗆
She's soo beautiful 歹
Raine143 Tenshii
Raine143 Tenshii 3 嗆
Jazel Lee
Jazel Lee 3 嗆
Kim Hee Sun surely appears on every variety show I am watching. Uri Yoon Tae Yi
An 3 嗆
Shes so pretty despite her age. Love her
Novi Ting
Novi Ting 3 嗆
@neko mao actually I knew Kim Hee Sun from RM ep100 and I thought she's funny and very entertaining, she gives outgoing and easygoing vibe, she blurts out funny comments too.. and she looks effortless while being funny
Jazel Lee
Jazel Lee 3 嗆
@neko mao Hehe. I didn't know that. Thank you for the info. I'm not watching RM after the 150th episode.
neko mao
neko mao 3 嗆
Too bad she dont come to runningman tho...her drama on sbs
OT7 3 嗆
Tae yi
Jeongyeon's The Best
Jeongyeon's The Best 3 嗆
I love every Jaehoon's part. It's always funny when he's present
2 mins of Kim Hee Sun's Laugh
Mei Shin Marie De Guzman
ginos  italian escape s01e02
Jesper Langpap