[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] I did my act with poop.. Wait, I have to go now! now! (ENG SUB)

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26 日 前

pressing the acupuncture point is hilarious 😂
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Diane Gumme
Diane Gumme 時間 前
Fighting Kim Junho 🤍 May you have more chance to make people laugh. 😊
ChristinaaK 4 日 前
How I’ve missed seeing him in variety shows!!! Glad to see him back. 💙
Luo Luo
Luo Luo 5 日 前
minseok is so sweet 💓
Clara Park
Clara Park 9 日 前
I laughed so hard🤣🤣
Clara Park
Clara Park 9 日 前
Junho was still so funny
Clara Park
Clara Park 9 日 前
Can’t forget 2days and 1night season3 cast i miss them so muchh
bisso 11 日 前
Feels good to know he is back somewhere, making people laugh
Ayswariya thankam
Ayswariya thankam 21 日 前
I hope junho is alright. It looks like he's having a hard time. But it was funny to watch
Jotti Azzah Hanif Fauziyyah
Jotti Azzah Hanif Fauziyyah 24 日 前
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girl dollkar
girl dollkar 25 日 前
Kim Junho is the best😂
Carol S
Carol S 25 日 前
This is so funny relatable to many though 🙏🙌🧡.
Meisy Fransiska
Meisy Fransiska 25 日 前
classy 25 日 前
jpgoon.info/number/bideo/nGOsmLqFmoiWaIs.html ,
Intania 25 日 前
Minsuk act like hes carry labor wife to hospital 😂
Intania 20 日 前
@melody Linao yup definitely 😍
melody Linao
melody Linao 20 日 前
His sweet.😂
fiq riq
fiq riq 25 日 前
But Minsuk quite calm in that situation. If that was me, i would be super anxious. Hahaha
peeqa zulkefli
peeqa zulkefli 25 日 前
Poor Joon Ho oppa. I hope you can reduce alcohol intake and smoking.
Shivani TA
Shivani TA 25 日 前
Kim junho is the funniest, man I want him and Tak Jae Hoon to be permanent members ASAP
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