[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] I should have been born as a tuna! I love my big belly! (ENG SUB)

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12 日 前

Climbing 5 mountains.. It's hard just to hear it..
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Diane Gumme
Diane Gumme 6 分 前
Kim Junho 🤍 May you have more shows and whatever ur hearts desire be fulfilled
Chichanbeni Ezung
Chichanbeni Ezung 日 前
I miss Junho
Lyn Fallan
Lyn Fallan 日 前
Hahahaha Junho 😀😀😀😀😀
jayshree sharma
jayshree sharma 2 日 前
Kim Junho 👍👍👍
Summer Kitsch
Summer Kitsch 5 日 前
I miss junho
Nisa Afni
Nisa Afni 6 日 前
Marsha Abante
Marsha Abante 6 日 前
Kim Jun Ho Oppa gained weight haha. He needed this exercise/walk/mountain hike. 😂
Arlova Sarang oshin
Arlova Sarang oshin 8 日 前
This suddenly remind me to 2D1N S3..I guarantee with u if they invite KJH,KJM,CTH,Donggu,Piggy Defconn for sure this episode will get higher rating Remember each member forever 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shanon Dumapis
Shanon Dumapis 8 日 前
I saw junho;)
Shanon Dumapis
Shanon Dumapis 8 日 前
I saw junho;)
sakura 8 日 前
Kim junho...I miss 2d1n s3
Mary Rose
Mary Rose 9 日 前
Sangmin is impressive. Junho is funny, it's like he's playing Jaehoon's character here.
Chiya 9 日 前
can someone answer me? so junho is offically a members in this show? i really miss his jokes his laugh and his funny ssidr😞😞
Nunik Pursetyowati
Nunik Pursetyowati 日 前
Nicole Aspcia
Nicole Aspcia 9 日 前
Any incline, if constant, is tough !
Dercy Silbanuz
Dercy Silbanuz 9 日 前
😄😄he's complaining but still going 😄😄 its for your health...#fightinguyall#❤❤❤❤
BlackHeart71 9 日 前
I love JunHo´s and SangMin´s chemistry. I´m so glad that he´s back. ♥
Shi Min Tan
Shi Min Tan 9 日 前
Loving how this programme is training Kim Jun Ho to lead a healthy lifestyle
Clara Park
Clara Park 9 日 前
Miss 2days and 1night season3 cast😭😭
Darly Martinez
Darly Martinez 10 日 前
kim dumb esta working so hard💜
e-sai ombz
e-sai ombz 10 日 前
TurKishsoulja 10 日 前
Shoutout to the cameraman lol
Mohamad Rahime Adin
Mohamad Rahime Adin 11 日 前
My eye can run from watching Kim Ok Vin
روان المطيري
روان المطيري 11 日 前
هاي بنات
روان المطيري
روان المطيري 11 日 前
🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦We love you from Saudi Arabia
روان المطيري
روان المطيري 11 日 前
نحن نحبك من السعوديه
Kate Ongpin
Kate Ongpin 11 日 前
sadly kwangsoo has already left running man thank you for 11 great years with laughter and smiles we would always cherish those times please take care of your health🥺❤️
Kate Ongpin
Kate Ongpin 56 分 前
@PeeYang TV yes
PeeYang TV
PeeYang TV 57 分 前
OMG did he leave from RM?
LooveSweetheart 11 日 前
There is a part where he says it takes him 24 years to go to the top and only one day to go down, what it’s worse it’s that you go down more than what you think... I’ve been trying to work in this field, it’s less than a year and I’m already sad that people don’t recognize my work, they don’t really care, every one is living their life... so they don’t really care about others, that’s why I think there are lots of suicide... I’ve already think about it more than once, yet I’m trying to continue to live, and sometimes when I don’t have anything to do, I’m feeling depressed again and so many thoughts cross my head...
moyi 9 日 前
hang in there, friend. just believe that this difficult time you are facing will pass and you are deserving very much better future. whatever youre going thru will get better! you got this!!
moon_sie 10 日 前
That's one of the reasons why I chose to live a life that I want to live, with or without the support of others on this earth, I must still live for the sake of my life, the only life I'll get to live. I encourage you to do the same wether than thinking or looking for an end already. It's hard but we can do it! Choose and put yourself up first, bc truth is nobody will come to rescue, unless God. Love what and who you love, spread positiveness inside your heart by getting rid of what's not necessary for you to live the life you wish to live ❤️🙏🏾
JJEK 11 日 前
Ohhhhh~ early~~~
Regina Nabila
Regina Nabila 11 日 前
Finally park goon 😭 huhuu i love him 🥰
Michaela Mickisch
Michaela Mickisch 11 日 前
Respect for the cameraman they are all hard working too ❤
Moniiisha Grg
Moniiisha Grg 11 日 前
The devious trash with a fool, piggy , energetic smart and a perfect group will be a great together. ❤️❤️❤️ I hope junho sees these cmt and read it. Again he will hardly be able to read english but we loved his dirty jokes, betrayal behaviour.
Devi Indri
Devi Indri 3 日 前
Are you missing in 2day &1night
Moniiisha Grg
Moniiisha Grg 11 日 前
We enjoyed 2day and 1nights S3 group Really all were admirable and very much appreciatable. Wish you all the good wherever you all are.
Moniiisha Grg
Moniiisha Grg 11 日 前
Kim junho ❤️❤️❤️ Nice to see you
Cherry Bagulbagul
Cherry Bagulbagul 11 日 前
Junhos belly fats will be gone after this.... hahaha
Nikita Poudel
Nikita Poudel 11 日 前
kpop fans
kpop fans 11 日 前
I hope there's still continuation for this episode next week
fiq riq
fiq riq 8 日 前
No please no. My legs sore just by watching this. Lol
Sophia Hannah Tia-an
Sophia Hannah Tia-an 11 日 前
Kim Junho😂,
Sophia Hannah Tia-an
Sophia Hannah Tia-an 11 日 前
Kim Junho😂,
azemelo 11 日 前
If only yoon siyoon is here, their bickering will be non stop.
RhaiveN MartizanO
RhaiveN MartizanO 11 日 前
960 viewer
Dara Dinanti Putri Ariana
Dara Dinanti Putri Ariana 11 日 前
plis, subtitle indonesia 😭
The cameramen are having a hard time.Respect for them!
lean lee
lean lee 11 日 前
Missing 2dn1n season 3.. all of them wishing s9meday u will get together in your channel kim junho oppa.. remember remember..
Kristal Kim
Kristal Kim 11 日 前
I'm suddenly missing S3 of 2D1N😭 JunHo was the best, his chemistry with JongMin is really great.
Jared Emmitt
Jared Emmitt 21 時間 前
@Nash Mason definitely, have been using Flixzone for months myself :)
Nash Mason
Nash Mason 21 時間 前
pro tip : watch movies on flixzone. I've been using it for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.
Tenzin Kunsang
Tenzin Kunsang 8 日 前
@Arlova Sarang oshin remember this member This member forever 🥺
Arlova Sarang oshin
Arlova Sarang oshin 8 日 前
Remember each member forever 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Tenzin Kunsang
Tenzin Kunsang 11 日 前
I miss s3 of 2d1n members They gave me lots of laughter 🤍
Ratunajla aliyusuf
Ratunajla aliyusuf 11 日 前
oppa saranghae
Ratunajla aliyusuf
Ratunajla aliyusuf 11 日 前
appa sarange
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