[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] Calling members' close FRIEND不不 (ENG SUB)



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[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] Calling members' close FRIEND不不 (ENG SUB)
Calling members' friend!!
Will they notice who it is..?


hahahahahah i miss jang hyuk on drama
Kristen Yang
Kristen Yang 13
Waah i love how so mins arm is intertwined with ji hyos thats so sweet!!
purple_mint 19
This is hilarious hahahaha
Miss You You
Miss You You 19
This is so funny omgggg. Iwill watch full . Thanks for this clip
Darina Shumei
Darina Shumei 28
1:58 the way LKS laughed 朮朮朮朮歹歹歹
So, why LKS didn't won any individual awards in SBS awards? He is so witty in here.
Since this ep has aired I watch this at least once a week, whenever I want a good laugh. Instant classic RM moments
Edina ARJ
Edina ARJ
How does the staff always come out with new entertaining games. Members also made it 100% funnier and better. Running man fighting ! Saranghae ~
I have a new found respect for Johns Hopkins and his paintings. It really draws you in.
What episode is this one?
Ray Rose
Ray Rose
Andi Baso
Andi Baso
yoo jaesuk - national mc - protruding mouth brothers (ft. yang sechan) - tiger moth (ft. haha, lee kwangsoo, jeon somin) - ddakji king - yooruce willis - yoomes bond - grasshopper ji sukjin - forbidden couple (ft. jeon somin) - feel-touch-cross brothers (ft. lee kwangsoo) - honey punch - black hole - race starter - big nose - impala kim jongkok - spartace couple (ft. song jihyo) - lackey's boss - spartakook - mr.capable - ace commander - kookminator - tiger haha - tiger moth (ft. yoo jaesuk, lee kwangsoo, jeon somin) - jongkook's lackey (ft. yang sechan) - sechan's hero - schemer haha - haroro - playboy - harad pitt - penguin song jihyo - mongdol sister (ft. jeonsomin) - spartace couple (ft. kim jongkok) - monday couple (ft. kang gary) - cavewoman jihyo - goddess of sleep - goddess of luck - gold jihyo - blank jihyo - ace jihyo - angry/bad jihyo lee kwangsoo - crazy siblings (ft. jeon somin) - tiger moth (ft. yoo jaesuk, haha, jeon somin) - feel-touch-cross brothers (ft. ji sukjin) - jongkok's ex-lackey (replaced by yang sechan) - asia prince - kwangvatar - joongki's friend - traitor/betrayer - framer kwangsoo - icon of badluck - girin/giraffe jeon somin - capitalist couple (ft. yang sechan) - newlywed couple (ft. yang sechan) - forbidden couple (ft. ji sukjin) - tiger moth (ft. yoo jaesuk, haha, lee kwangsoo) - crazy siblings (ft. lee kwangsoo) - mongdol sister (ft. song jihyo) - the love frog - crazy poet - fart lady - magnet lady - female traitor/betrayer - frog yang sechan - capitalist couple (ft. jeon somin) - newlywed couple (ft. jeon somin) - protruding mouth brothers (ft. yoo jaesuk) - jongkook's lackey (ft. haha) - rich teeth guy - charming guy - strawberry yang - yang saeroi - jongkook's favorite - yang no name - butler/sebastian - catfish running man now is on fire !!!
Over Gear
Over Gear 2 嗆
It will more entertaining if Saeho join runningman
L J 2 嗆
May I know what episode is this?
諻堅賈夾 2 嗆
Joongkook changed his tone while speaking that's why Janghyuk was confused. Haha.
RedEx 2 嗆
Kwang Soo has 700 IQ
Z NS 2 嗆
i want dragon club come to RM
Magisterium 1703
Magisterium 1703 2 嗆
Sechan is a smooth talker. Everybody was taken aback when Hyuk just goes along with Sechans antics.
zunaira ehsan
zunaira ehsan 2 嗆
Jang hyuk is so entertaining want Dragon club special episode.
Ejay Johnny
Ejay Johnny 2 嗆
I gotta say I find the episodes with just the members more entertaining. A lot of guest nowadays are kinda boring,with some exceptions ofc. But these kind of episodes are really enjoyable
Jum_joli E.j
Jum_joli E.j 2 嗆
Sangita Naik
Sangita Naik 2 嗆
This episode was super funny and so good....
Martin Dang
Martin Dang 2 嗆
Sechan has no chin. Have a good day
kuro neko
kuro neko 2 嗆
Hearing jang hyuk voice really miss him on variety show.. hopefully RM will invite Dragon Brother..
諻堅賈夾 2 嗆
Watch the yach expedition variety show of him
whendy 2 嗆
I feel bad for tae hyun hhahahahahaahaha
塈 堶堹
塈 堶堹 2 嗆
I miss you jang hyuk唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐
Leah II
Leah II 2 嗆
lol well that's how jungkook has been talking all this while hahaha
3x0saranghaja 2 嗆
this episode looks fun xD
Hallu PiXm
Hallu PiXm 2 嗆
Jae Suk should call Jessi 不
Xiao Q
Xiao Q 2 嗆
This mission is super funny不
SW123 N
SW123 N 2 嗆
Sechan imitate voice like jong kook haha
SW123 N
SW123 N 2 嗆
Jae suk say saeho hot funny but everyone is laughing when saeho speak haha
myoui madara
myoui madara 2 嗆
Jaesuk is KING of nicknames Ho sae Jeonsobari Kook jong Seoksam And last but not least Sunbin BF
Pak Suhay
Pak Suhay 2 嗆
you should do kim jong kook vs lee kwang soo fights complication....they are totally hilarious
mono 2 嗆
which ep is this
Virus Detected
Virus Detected 2 嗆
I'm not surprise about that. among the dragon brothers, hyuk oppa is the easiest to trick, he is the kid and maknae of the group
m____lote 2 嗆
It will be easy to scam hyuk
Kirana Anugrah
Kirana Anugrah 2 嗆
I love Kwangsoo laugh
Nisa Afni
Nisa Afni 2 嗆
Nuraini Yaakob
Nuraini Yaakob 2 嗆
Jang Hyuk is so funny 不 I had to pause to laugh when he started to talk about Cha Tae Hyun
Nadzmi 2 嗆
That yoo jae suk imitation of jang hyuk tho That's so spot on
Tefeinny si Fefei
Tefeinny si Fefei 2 嗆
i laugh a lot this is so funnyyy
ashmi 35
ashmi 35 2 嗆
Please invite cha tae hyun & jang hyuk to the show.. We miss them
Jamiah Navaja
Jamiah Navaja 2 嗆
I also laugh silently
Asdf hjkl
Asdf hjkl 2 嗆
They didn't include when Jae Suk oppa imitated SuK Jin. His wife saved as "The Chaser" and she didn't knew they're filming RM
eunmo 89
eunmo 89 2 嗆
Yuu are so...
Ai Rish
Ai Rish 2 嗆
Im curious about lee kwang su did he call sunbin? Why did they cut it
L T 2 嗆
How do you know he called sunbin?. i don't see any hint about this
Niall Craig
Niall Craig 2 嗆
@Ai Rish i dont think so
Ai Rish
Ai Rish 2 嗆
No they all did but they cut it
Niall Craig
Niall Craig 2 嗆
i don't think he called anyone.
S 'one
S 'one 2 嗆
i'm hoping that kwang soo will call sunbin
irene 2 嗆
this was so funny
Cristene Rosellosa
Cristene Rosellosa 2 嗆
Sechan & Somin shippers we won again in this ep
blankblank 2 嗆
Poor Tae Hyun hahahah
Jason M. Swick
Jason M. Swick 2 嗆
1:18 I stopped my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Vanessa Rubis
Vanessa Rubis 2 嗆
The Somin and Jihyo part is almost funny! 不不不
Duyen Bui
Duyen Bui 2 嗆
Can someone explain me the rules of this game. I watched this part 3 times and clearly both Jihyo-Kwangsoo and Sechan-Somin team won but why at the end just ChanMin got the prize I really didnt get it.
My Name is JOKER
My Name is JOKER 2 嗆
KRG but JH won though so wtf you saying
crastinus 2 嗆
@Duyen Bui Kwangs-Soo's phone call was not showed, but he probably lost like So-Min and Ji-Hyo. Se-chan won tho, so that's why his team got the prize. Basically they win if their friends/family recognized that it's not them they are talking to.
Duyen Bui
Duyen Bui 2 嗆
@crastinus no i mean just in this game. Not the whole ep. The game which they call their families or friends.
crastinus 2 嗆
U sure u watched the whole episode? At the end, Kwang-Soo's team is indebted of 1000+ dollars which is the highest out of all teams, that makes them the loser with penalty. The top 4 who went out to enjoy the trip and received stamps are the ones given prizes.
Hwang Eunbi
Hwang Eunbi 2 嗆
Someone tellme eps please
Ben Hudson
Ben Hudson 2 嗆
I think Se Chan got a lot of screentime in this episode..
Kpop x Dalia
Kpop x Dalia 2 嗆
When Sae Ho started whispering too
cheshire.cat 2 嗆
SECHAN! is getting funnier ep by episode omg he stole the show for me here
Lead Them
Lead Them 2 嗆
Episode for Sechan and Somin..
what? you don't stan EXID?!
what? you don't stan EXID?! 2 嗆
I love the chemistry between mongdol sisters their scenes in this episode look so sweeet
Cerenity 2 嗆
I hope Jang Hyuk & Cha Tae Hyun would come to Running Man as guests, maybe on a Kim Jong Kook's BFFs special episode
Jul Sky
Jul Sky 2 嗆
Im dead as soon as SaeHo start singing lmfao
yy 2 嗆
Sechan is hilarious yall!!!!
Brandon Castro
Brandon Castro 2 嗆
1:38 I quit my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Gabhe Park
Gabhe Park 2 嗆
Sub espa簽ol
Ivan Lu
Ivan Lu 2 嗆
so is saeho pretty much YJS #1 best friend now
Jason Tung
Jason Tung 2 嗆
So rare to see Jaesuk and Jongkook sit beside each other lol.
Stephone Cloud
Stephone Cloud 2 嗆
They did it many times..
Baechu 2 嗆
Love this episode.. Just saw that Somin and Jihyo were linking arms at the back
Dikshya Rml
Dikshya Rml 2 嗆
Don't tell me I was the only one who was laughing silently because they are laughing like that
Zarra ZI
Zarra ZI 2 嗆
Cho sae ho hilarious! Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha
Sometimes RM Wife, Sometimes Hobi Wife
Sometimes RM Wife, Sometimes Hobi Wife 2 嗆
the clip should start with Jae suk talking to Suk Jin's wife and Ji Hyo talking with Somin's Dad. Somin dad said he like song ji hyo the most among running man members. :D
hasna ryandini
hasna ryandini 2 嗆
Running man without guest is always more entertaining, crazy and funny
Siti Maisarah
Siti Maisarah 2 嗆
Laughing hard when se chan imitate jk hahahahah
Be Eri
Be Eri 2 嗆
Song jihyo call somin appa also funny
shi ka
shi ka 2 嗆
Lol, sechan is doing so good impersonating jongkook. And I like kwangsoo tactic tricking saeho. This episode is much more enjoyable and they seems to have a good time enjoying this trip. I like how they tried to let the older members enjoy the tour more as well as how they care to each other
Muhamad Rezaril Aiman
Muhamad Rezaril Aiman 2 嗆
Se chan close friends is jk and hh right?
Muhamad Rezaril Aiman
Muhamad Rezaril Aiman 2 嗆
Maybe you right because all the members are close and they not friends,they family.
crastinus 2 嗆
They are all close friends to one another.
dery arsyi
dery arsyi 2 嗆
lmaoooo they are indirectly exposing cha taehyun its so funny
Olga Reyes
Olga Reyes 2 嗆
Todos creen que el m獺s serio es Jae Seok jajajaja. Que c籀mico se ve con esos bigotes jajajajaja. Me encantan. Ji Hyo es invre
Wai Yee
Wai Yee 2 嗆
2:182:20: i won't tell u :)多is childish cute answer even makes the PD can't help n laugh lol2:25: what r u doing?宇his is 涔OOKIE speaking tone style sounds casual manly4:464:48奸ol his confuse blur finally makes the TIGER roar hahahaha Dragon brother friendship goal n cute手毋荊休
ninalilylulu 2 嗆
I hope Sae Ho come again. He is always funny when he come
Angel Barbie
Angel Barbie 2 嗆
LKS so funny He pretended to be YJS very well
RoceL 2 嗆
Jang Hyuk 不弘
Fiona Veronica
Fiona Veronica 2 嗆
So funny
abu dzar
abu dzar 2 嗆
i swear on every RM video without a guest, theres always a comment on how they prefer RM without guest..
Sunshine 2 嗆
____ 2 嗆
Where is spartace moment ?
Laura C
Laura C 2 嗆
Maui Molinyawe
Maui Molinyawe 2 嗆
I suddenly missed Jang Hyuk Oppa. I wish you can be a guest again in Running Man. More power guys!!! Keep going! I'm having fun watching you!! All the best in your show.
cheristar 2 嗆
This part was so funny.
Priscilia Mellark
Priscilia Mellark 2 嗆
"It's not you, is it?" "It IS ME, YOU RASCAL!" This what 20 years plus friendship looks like
fiq riq
fiq riq 2 嗆
Next week RM's dongsaeng Bomi and Mingyu. Together wih their member Namjoo and Hoshi. Now i can't wait. Haha
HK 19
HK 19 2 嗆
You are so ...
Guendalyn Pigoh
Guendalyn Pigoh 2 嗆
What episode is this?
kazandra caye auguis
kazandra caye auguis 2 嗆
The latest one
Red Sassie
Red Sassie 2 嗆
I love Jang Hyuk so much!
Stephone Cloud
Stephone Cloud 2 嗆
I can't stop laughing as Somin's father thought that it was his daughter who called him.. The fact is her father bias is Jihyo... Hahaha... ..poor Sominie.. Haha
Ilman Saidari
Ilman Saidari 2 嗆
What music at 2:44
VolumePerfection 2 嗆
Coolio - Gangsta paradise
Kang Ma Ri
Kang Ma Ri 2 嗆
the only guest i accept in running man不不 swear to god i peed laughing in his eps EP 52 EP 118
諻堅賈夾 2 嗆
Tatiana Tannu
Tatiana Tannu 2 嗆
Kwangsoo so handsome here aaaaaa
2021撟 怨眺桃晶隞嚗敺蝺具
TVU∼PUI PUIU怒怒潦蝚3閰晞單箏之雿
芥胯喋∼准 - FISH BOY - Sakana-kun
2021撟 怨眺桃晶隞嚗敺蝺具
TVU∼PUI PUIU怒怒潦蝚3閰晞單箏之雿
芥胯喋∼准 - FISH BOY - Sakana-kun