[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] PLZ🙏... (Don't) put me in the max security room!?😈 (ENG SUB)

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16 日 前

it's Prison Brea'KO'
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Agyness Raymond
Agyness Raymond 10 時間 前
The way the members forced YJS to finish the bread tho 😂😂
Channel Patrick
Channel Patrick 日 前
what episode and year..? plse...😭😭😭
Prasetyo Paembonan
Prasetyo Paembonan 3 日 前
Why i like running man so much? Because they act like a child when playing each other, like that bread, c’mon, all of them almost 40 at that time except lks. they didn’t care and just play like a real family, that’s why RM so popular, because they can be light show with their childlish act, but can be heavy too when come to mission that need brain to solve.. and the most important one, is how natural their interaction,
akmysf 3 日 前
this episode shown that JSJ does not pay attention to other members. if not, he already know the trick of the room from the start hahha
i love this episode 😂🤣
cecmanju 4 日 前
where is part 2
Hằng Nguyễn
Hằng Nguyễn 4 日 前
What ep?
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas 3 日 前
Imron 12
Imron 12 6 日 前
Tak tunggu lanjutane
Valieacex_ 520
Valieacex_ 520 6 日 前
I find it cute when Haha and Jihyo are in sync at 8:47-8:49
Kayla Wu
Kayla Wu 7 日 前
this made me laugh so much but I also feel bad for seokjin... after he found out he must feel so left out and embarrassedrrased
Tommy Fa
Tommy Fa 7 日 前
Seok Jin probably forgot about her past. In overall, she can be on the top 3 when it comes to the strongest running man members 🙃
몽지효천 7 日 前
Jihyo eonnie is such a clickbait😆
동틀녘 7 日 前
Adham Adnan
Adham Adnan 7 日 前
The police officer look like yu jea suk
Sham Mohd
Sham Mohd 7 日 前
English sub???
there are english subtitles.
forever_ dragonized
forever_ dragonized 7 日 前
So funny how they all scream when entering the max security prison room 😂
Iqbal Zamri
Iqbal Zamri 7 日 前
Lol, jong kook and ji hyo angry style is the same 😂😂😅
정현조 7 日 前
울 나라 댓글은 한개두없네ㅜ
Yeri Fitriani
Yeri Fitriani 8 日 前
Eps 335 👍
Chris Chris
Chris Chris 8 日 前
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alia tasha
alia tasha 9 日 前
i watched more than 10 times already and it's still funny XD
neko mao
neko mao 9 日 前
U know its real deal when pd had to censored gangster jihyo beat sukjin 🤣🤣🤣
Mersin Nikaj
Mersin Nikaj 9 日 前
Wich episode is this ?!
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas 3 日 前
Qonita Ghina
Qonita Ghina 9 日 前
Judge Dela Cruz
Judge Dela Cruz 9 日 前
Would love it if they didn’t edit out Ji Hyo’s rampage hahahahaha
Fikrii Brillian Ressy
Fikrii Brillian Ressy 9 日 前
What episode it is ?
boomingsystem upup
boomingsystem upup 2 日 前
ce sneaks
ce sneaks 10 日 前
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Pre Sans
Pre Sans 10 日 前
Hahahhaha this episode is the funniest for me in the recent i just can't stop laughing.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍
Ran Fujikawa
Ran Fujikawa 11 日 前
I wonder what Seok Jin’s reaction after this ep was released?
myoui madara
myoui madara 9 日 前
He find out afterwards when all the member try to escape. He for sure bewildered
Nata De Coco
Nata De Coco 11 日 前
Sorry, it's not eps 355
ce sneaks
ce sneaks 11 日 前
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Lanz Jerenz
Lanz Jerenz 11 日 前
Sarcasm be like
Donna Perkins
Donna Perkins 11 日 前
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .
Dani Febrian
Dani Febrian 11 日 前
Jong Kook is the type who loyal to the rules, that's why Jae Seok needs to trigger him so that he can go all out :D
lovenia kristiani
lovenia kristiani 2 日 前
Damn, great, thats my bf.. 👍
Hank Upyours
Hank Upyours 11 日 前
Oh man...I want to see what happens next :(
Sulaiman Suhed
Sulaiman Suhed 12 日 前
What episode?
Sa Na
Sa Na 12 日 前
noonanya jihoonie
noonanya jihoonie 12 日 前
This one of ultimate old episode🤣🤣🤣
Elita Tata
Elita Tata 12 日 前
Please invite kang gary
Marvin Gagarin
Marvin Gagarin 12 日 前
Roan Grepaldeo
Roan Grepaldeo 12 日 前
What episode is this and what year it was aired?
Johndo 7
Johndo 7 11 日 前
The day aftet garys departure somewhere around 2017 something
Dhuha Salem
Dhuha Salem 12 日 前
Where is Somin and Sechan ?
Hello hello
Hello hello 11 日 前
This ep from 2016..the where rm almost end..so the pd make special every members..somin sechan havent come as member.
LeVi 12 日 前
They need to bring this episode back and fool se chan
LeVi 8 日 前
@Po po they haven’t joined yet in this episode
Po po
Po po 8 日 前
where is se chan and somin
Nabila Azmawi
Nabila Azmawi 12 日 前
I want to make a wish as RMfan.Invite nct please😢They are funny trust me😄
Muhammad Syaufi Ihza
Muhammad Syaufi Ihza 12 日 前
This not eps 355, i search in viu, but not same, so what is this eps?
junkyu koala
junkyu koala 10 日 前
It was eps 335
frinka afika
frinka afika 12 日 前
Yes, i search to but not eps 355
Faizi Malik
Faizi Malik 13 日 前
10:31( I think i will poop in the prison ) 😂😂
Nurul Izza
Nurul Izza 13 日 前
I can’t stop laughing
eileen tan
eileen tan 13 日 前
I miss these parts of RM
Lu'lu' Al-Maknun
Lu'lu' Al-Maknun 13 日 前
when kwangsoo curious, he really look like a child 🥺 so precious
BePositive 12 日 前
I already laughed without him doing anything yet.
Pink Pink
Pink Pink 13 日 前
Thanks for the Arabic translation
Mi' Bellatrix
Mi' Bellatrix 13 日 前
what episode is this?
Melanie Tacud
Melanie Tacud 13 日 前
Anushka Mishra
Anushka Mishra 13 日 前
Where the part 2 of them escaping
mike vinz
mike vinz 13 日 前
itsc eps 335
Puterii Aiisya
Puterii Aiisya 13 日 前
Kyla San Pascual
Kyla San Pascual 13 日 前
Who said that KJK is bad in acting? LOL he looks exhausted coming from the max even though he enjoyed it there 🤣
Faridah Dali
Faridah Dali 13 日 前
Filipina skrg terdesak sdh,menipu saja kerjanya.
3x0saranghaja 13 日 前
I'm gonna watch this episode now
Abir Abir
Abir Abir 11 日 前
Wich episode is this ?
Ivy C
Ivy C 13 日 前
Classic RM 😂🤣
Fiq Infinite
Fiq Infinite 13 日 前
PD made a right decision by censored Jihyo beat Sukjin. She's the true delinquent.
KINGPanda 13 日 前
For ne its the best week suk jin's week then jihyo then haha
Nisa Afni
Nisa Afni 14 日 前
maria aparecida
maria aparecida 14 日 前
Aí qui dó do líder 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇧🇷
Arq Jose Roberto
Arq Jose Roberto 14 日 前
suga mirin cina suga and jimin kiss
suga mirin cina suga and jimin kiss 14 日 前
글쎄, 당신은 그것을 차 버렸어
Diddududodat2u 18
Diddududodat2u 18 14 日 前
suk jin is probably the most underrated character ever.. he's been putting in a lot of effort lately
Nicole Pradas
Nicole Pradas 14 日 前
What episode is this ?
boomingsystem upup
boomingsystem upup 2 日 前
Echa C CHANNEL 14 日 前
Plz made got7 came for a guest before they get banned....
IM YEAH 14 日 前
12:51 Jihyo🤣😂🔥
Reann Canete
Reann Canete 14 日 前
What episode is this
Tri Utami
Tri Utami 14 日 前
Faruk Nafiz Fazlıoğlu
Faruk Nafiz Fazlıoğlu 14 日 前
Marty Walsh
Agnesia Ulfa
Agnesia Ulfa 14 日 前
You sure its eps 355?
Agnesia Ulfa
Agnesia Ulfa 12 日 前
@Naddd Thankyou! They wrote 355 at description box tho. Thats why I cant find the right video
Naddd 13 日 前
It's episode 335
Imron 12
Imron 12 14 日 前
Sbsin msih tetep tutup gk..kngen nonton dlu pas minggu
Siti Afifah Siregar
Siti Afifah Siregar 14 日 前
I feel sorry for Seokjin, but I also can't stop laughing at him😂😂 Poor Seokjin Oppa. I hope Running Man someday makes a special episode to make Seokjin Oppa happy
K-Pop World
K-Pop World 15 日 前
I LOVE JIHYO!! though I'm a girl ....I love her as a fan
Shaima Nafa
Shaima Nafa 11 日 前
We all love her ❤❤
Lajak Channel
Lajak Channel 15 日 前
episod ni macam perbodohkan seok jin.. kasihan sangat..
Pug Things
Pug Things 15 日 前
I bet being friend’s with KwangSoonwipl be lots of fun
Angel Barbie
Angel Barbie 13 日 前
sure 😂
zykeveyin malone
zykeveyin malone 15 日 前
The Irony of the Situation 😂😂
Sharon Belcher
Sharon Belcher 15 日 前
I love Kwang S.
Sharon Belcher
Sharon Belcher 15 日 前
I have laughed till I peed my pants
May valerio
May valerio 日 前
Same haha
solidmasta 15 日 前
I found out about running man because of blackpink, now I can’t stop watching every episodes, so funny
watch their older episodes!!! Its way funnier
Hadi Fauzan
Hadi Fauzan 9 日 前
Same, me too
erua Enelope
erua Enelope 11 日 前
Watch the older episodes its funnier
Shaima Nafa
Shaima Nafa 11 日 前
@Justiii SBA You should watch old episodes too (2010-2016)
WB IsMe 12 日 前
You guys clearly missed the best of running man, one of the best is the super power episode.
Sur M
Sur M 15 日 前
Others the first time they go to max prison: "NOOOOOOOOO" Kim Jong Kook: "OPEN THE DOOR!"
D'dreay Storm
D'dreay Storm 15 日 前
Steam_ momo
Steam_ momo 15 日 前
Meal time when kwangsoo can't keep up anymore is the best🤣🤣🤣
Angel Barbie
Angel Barbie 14 日 前
he laughed so funny 😂
Soul ASMR 15 日 前
where can I get the rest of the episode??
Roxie 8826
Roxie 8826 14 日 前
On VIU. You can download the app and watch plenty of episodes. It's free.
Low Feng
Low Feng 15 日 前
What episode is this?
boomingsystem upup
boomingsystem upup 2 日 前
Clara Park
Clara Park 15 日 前
Jihyo angry was the best i laugh so hard
qistina nabila
qistina nabila 15 日 前
Could someone tell me what episode is this?
Munings Life
Munings Life 15 日 前
Damn old running man members are really jajjang 😍😍🥰 love this episode
Ashanti Singian
Ashanti Singian 15 日 前
everytime i see jihyo in the title or in the thumbnail my fingers automatically clicks it
Beezet chhangte
Beezet chhangte 15 日 前
What episode is this?
Muhd Syahmi
Muhd Syahmi 15 日 前
Ecrin Seher Günay
Ecrin Seher Günay 15 日 前
Hello I'm from Turkish
Muhd Syahmi
Muhd Syahmi 15 日 前
i from 🇲🇾
Dini Coraline
Dini Coraline 15 日 前
Seokjin deserves respect☺️ I mean it's funny to tease him but we don't know if he is okay on the inside. Love rm❤️
Shaima Nafa
Shaima Nafa 15 日 前
This is the funniest episode among the ones when there were only 6 members 😂😂
Shaima Nafa
Shaima Nafa 15 日 前
@miracle_ 7 That is not true at all, the reason why many races are not the thrilling anymore is because most of the members are older now and have back injuries because of all the years they spent on Running Man, however, they always try to make episodes funny and the new PD (Bopil) tries his best to come up with creative ideas and good themes (despite all of Covid-19 restrictions) Gary was an important member: he was witty, strong, charming and he had an important role in the show, but Running Man without Gary is still Running Man, nothing has changed, the new members always try their best and what is more important is that the other 6 original members that we love are still there entertaining us every week.
miracle_ 7
miracle_ 7 15 日 前
@Shaima Nafa yeah thats what i mean. But still there are people claim RM not funny after gary left
Shaima Nafa
Shaima Nafa 15 日 前
@miracle_ 7 This episode was funny, most of the new episodes are good, this is one of them.
miracle_ 7
miracle_ 7 15 日 前
Lol it already not funny even before gary left
Shaima Nafa
Shaima Nafa 15 日 前
@Rekan Payne It is probably because you were sad and annoyed by the fact that Gary left and the whole scandal where they tried to kick out Ji Hyo and Jong Kook, but if you forget all that: the first part of this episode is funny and the second part (the wedding) is heartwarming 😊.
Poor Suk Jin
ɴ. ғiᴇ
ɴ. ғiᴇ 15 日 前
This episode never get old 😂😂
Maslinah Voo
Maslinah Voo 15 日 前
9:52 Stomach capacity overloaded😂😂
Ehse Olea
Ehse Olea 15 日 前
Kwang Soo is the best😂😂
Angel Barbie
Angel Barbie 13 日 前
yes he is LKS
Maslinah Voo
Maslinah Voo 15 日 前
Everyone becomes an actor🤣❤️
Maslinah Voo
Maslinah Voo 15 日 前
0:53 Come back soon🤣
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