[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] Visit, food and activity! The given time is only 9 hours🕘 (ENG SUB)

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24 日 前

Disappear?! What will happen to Somin?

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kim kim
kim kim 17 日 前
와 좋다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 마스크 없고 인천공한도 바쁘고 그립다
Blessy Cyra Dao-it
Blessy Cyra Dao-it 18 日 前
I miss the "running myeon" 😅🤣😂
Imey Aren
Imey Aren 18 日 前
Which episode it is?
Arianne Dacuya
Arianne Dacuya 19 日 前
What episode is this?
원영장 20 日 前
이광수 바보야
ako toh
ako toh 20 日 前
Miss those times they could keep on running hope oppa joongki will appear again kind of waiting 😊😊😍😍
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen 20 日 前
What ep is this ?
Windy Syafrudin
Windy Syafrudin 20 日 前
What eps?
Norlidyatasya Asyura
Norlidyatasya Asyura 20 日 前
3:38 there's an actor lee seojin back there 😂 the one who in youn's kitchen 😂
Seishiro Amane
Seishiro Amane 20 日 前
I love how jeju missions has anything to do with diver ladies.
Azreena Rahim
Azreena Rahim 21 日 前
3:39 is it lee seo jin at the back?
Property stock business 1349
Property stock business 1349 21 日 前
Which episode is this?
Hello hello
Hello hello 21 日 前
complication contents pls..unlucky team is the best part.(sukjin..jaesuk..kwangsoo..and somin..
Little Lady
Little Lady 21 日 前
I have been watching running man for so long now, I wish they can invite AB6IX🥺
Lawrence adal
Lawrence adal 21 日 前
how to do not to copy righted?
Stephone Cloud
Stephone Cloud 21 日 前
Really need global mission again.. Miss it.
니니 21 日 前
What's this episode please?
Benn Momin
Benn Momin 20 日 前
Episode 347
Thae Thae
Thae Thae 22 日 前
What episode is it
won bae
won bae 22 日 前
5:07 not me thinking the person that sat behind Suk Jin is Monsta X Leader Shownu 😂
Lorrea Clarito
Lorrea Clarito 22 日 前
13:36 wtf is that sounds lol
Ariana Florescca
Ariana Florescca 22 日 前
Wow love their backpacks the torquiose, violet, green and pink!!
Sharifan Bibi
Sharifan Bibi 22 日 前
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love rose
love rose 22 日 前
missing those days
vousmevoyez _
vousmevoyez _ 22 日 前
3:38 isn't that Lee Seo Jin? or am I just thinking about him? 🥲
Kazzi 22 日 前
it's him
烏鴉聯盟 22 日 前
3:39 Is the guy behind, Lee Seo-Jin?
Uniequorn Priv
Uniequorn Priv 23 日 前
ohhh i don’t have visa but since 10 years ago running man really brought me everywhere by watching them since then🥺i fell in love with dubai after watching running man. Be gone real fast covid please😭😭
Jenny Lozano
Jenny Lozano 21 日 前
Its definitely him. Can't deny the hairstyle
kezia rukmana
kezia rukmana 21 日 前
so true, i love going overseas with them since i couldnt go myself, been living vicariously through them since 2010 lol
Positive Vibe for Somin
Positive Vibe for Somin 23 日 前
Somin so pretty! The beginning of Somin unluckiness 🤣🤣🤣
DANIEL_ GAMING 111 23 日 前
shouldn't watch this during ramadhan,omg IM SO hungry rn
syiha zhdi
syiha zhdi 23 日 前
ah im missing ace jihyo's scenes :'D
박정훈 23 日 前
이광수 런닝맨 이자식 까불지마
박정훈 23 日 前
이광수 다음 주 일요일날 (SBS 런닝맨)에서 (11년)만에 마지막으로 그만둬
Shawn Michael Apillanes
Shawn Michael Apillanes 23 日 前
3:30 a bit same face as Ryan Bang the guy at the back
melina mirmasari
melina mirmasari 23 日 前
I need IKON to be ur guests 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Shaima Nafa
Shaima Nafa 23 日 前
This is episode 347
Pretty Pretty
Pretty Pretty 23 日 前
Now we cant go to overseas suddenly/easily bcause covid😭
This episode is from 3 years old already 😯 this is the beginning of somin joining the unlucky team 🤣
tropangsp 23 日 前
What episode is this?
jags ugh
jags ugh 22 日 前
Adeline Voon
Adeline Voon 23 日 前
Smelly tofu is actually nice hhehe
Muhammad Nazerin Saripin
Muhammad Nazerin Saripin 23 日 前
Is this the episode they keep eating same stuff?
nothing 23 日 前
which episode is this ?
jags ugh
jags ugh 22 日 前
Alia Syafika
Alia Syafika 23 日 前
what episode is this ?
jags ugh
jags ugh 22 日 前
Simone Alexander
Simone Alexander 23 日 前
What is the song name when they were are on the plane ❤️
🐸✨ 23 日 前
Let's worship jeon somin 🧎🏻‍♀️🧎🏻‍♀️
Ahmad Asyraf
Ahmad Asyraf 23 日 前
Taiwan team has the best mission.. haha
Multi Fandom
Multi Fandom 23 日 前
I miss overseas shoots😪 My favorite one would be when they went to UK😂 it was hilarious 🤣🤣
Prasith Oudomvilay
Prasith Oudomvilay 15 日 前
That was the probably the biggest overseas filming running man! Switzerland, England, Australia, Thailand , nz, Taiwan! I watched all of them, England knew about the running man punishment so they saw them at the airport so funny when they nearly forgot lee sang yeob
Varshini ram
Varshini ram 23 日 前
Where can i watch the whole episode??
F A2000
F A2000 23 日 前
@nothing 347
nothing 23 日 前
@Ma Ry which episode
Varshini ram
Varshini ram 23 日 前
@Ma Ry thank you 😊
Ma Ry
Ma Ry 23 日 前
KissAsian or kisstvshow
Alix Quintos
Alix Quintos 23 日 前
Hope that Jang Do Yeon would guest in RM again. :(
Bangtan Create
Bangtan Create 23 日 前
Lee kwang soo and ji hyu❤❤❤
Gailliana Hao
Gailliana Hao 23 日 前
Those times when they can still go overseas suddenly. Exciting times lol.
Prasith Oudomvilay
Prasith Oudomvilay 15 日 前
Great memories! This was kind of a trial for the family project like so min and kwangsoo Indonesia!
Lawrence adal
Lawrence adal 22 日 前
dooggeezz 23 日 前
Call baekhyun
Mokojin Gaming
Mokojin Gaming 23 日 前
Subtitles English pls
Yenn lee
Yenn lee 21 日 前
Just click the caption( CC button) and choose englsih sub
neslihan şiren
neslihan şiren 23 日 前
Devamı nerde ama hepsini Türkçe alt yazılı beraber verin parça parça olmasın 🥺
Khair Ridhwan
Khair Ridhwan 23 日 前
What episode is this
jags ugh
jags ugh 22 日 前
Arief Juga
Arief Juga 23 日 前
That Jeju mission is basically a prank from PD. LOL, that was hilarious. Hahaha ....
Iris Membrillos
Iris Membrillos 23 日 前
May I know what episode is this please?
Mendoza Romar M.
Mendoza Romar M. 23 日 前
It's ep 347
mie rezza
mie rezza 23 日 前
wait.. 3:30.. behind jae suk is lee seo jin right? in that counter.. hahaha
Sam Loves
Sam Loves 23 日 前
Yes, it’s really him 😊
Aida Sorfina
Aida Sorfina 23 日 前
come to malaysia🇲🇾 pleasee! we have various food here and i hope that all of the rm members will visit this country in future!
am1rulzar1f 23 日 前
Omg this brings back memories 😭😭😭
Christyn Mañalac
Christyn Mañalac 23 日 前
DANG! How come they didn't notice Lee Seo Jin at the back? Wahhhhh 😍😍😍
Ralte H
Ralte H 21 日 前
I dont think its him😂 i noticed it too i think its just a lookalike
Anisya Rahmawati
Anisya Rahmawati 23 日 前
I see Lee seo jin in the behind Yoo jaesuk, Jeon somin, and Ji Seok jin(maybe🤔)
Abhilash Mehera
Abhilash Mehera 22 日 前
@Ayu Prasetya 3:26
Ayu Prasetya
Ayu Prasetya 23 日 前
@Ryu Watanabe 3.42
Ryu Watanabe
Ryu Watanabe 23 日 前
Norfarhanah Md Zin
Norfarhanah Md Zin 23 日 前
It is..
Elsa Kartika Novita Damayanti
Elsa Kartika Novita Damayanti 23 日 前
Rey Kaf
Rey Kaf 23 日 前
The Jeju team's mission was lol 🤣🤣🤣
Auliah Rahmi
Auliah Rahmi 23 日 前
I think i saw lee seo jin, when osaka team was check in.
Haru Haru
Haru Haru 22 日 前
Thank you. I was trying to look for this comment. 😂 I was like, that looks like Lee Seo Jin and kept replaying it. Haha
peisze621 23 日 前
Daniella Julian
Daniella Julian 23 日 前
What episode number is this? I wanna watch the full ep!! 😆
Daniella Julian
Daniella Julian 22 日 前
jags ugh
jags ugh 22 日 前
Tanned Potato
Tanned Potato 23 日 前
I miss pre-pandemic... It hits different
Irish Marie Vadal
Irish Marie Vadal 23 日 前
look at their backpacks 😂 so cute and colorful
Pema Yangchen
Pema Yangchen 23 日 前
Is that lee seo jin behind them in 3:42 ?
Ralte H
Ralte H 21 日 前
I think its just some look alike tbh
Nisrina N.A
Nisrina N.A 23 日 前
i was about to comment this hahaha
Jayashree Ravikumar
Jayashree Ravikumar 23 日 前
Memoria 23 日 前
Thankyou sNack! for throwing back RM content, miss those old episode. 😊😆
lalala junkyu
lalala junkyu 23 日 前
I miss this kind of content
Nghi Nguyen
Nghi Nguyen 23 日 前
Same. I hope COVID will end so they can travel like this again
Pp Kk
Pp Kk 23 日 前
Pp Kk
Pp Kk 23 日 前
Kamen Rider
Kamen Rider 23 日 前
Fresh 3:31 🙃
Bee any
Bee any 23 日 前
Taiwan's team got the best mission and osaka the hardest 😂 Jeju's team's speechless reaction when they knew all the choices are actually the same is so funny
Ffo 23 日 前
3:30 i just realized the guy at the back looks like lee seo jin lmao
Yonko D ZZul
Yonko D ZZul 23 日 前
@Ffo No, the casts and RM production never notice him, it just a coincidence.
Ffo 23 日 前
@Yonko D ZZul LOL really? was there like any behind photos or interactions?
Yonko D ZZul
Yonko D ZZul 23 日 前
It actually him.
Li Shen Leow
Li Shen Leow 23 日 前
3:30 isnt the guy at the back Lee Seo Jin?
Martina0109 27
Martina0109 27 21 日 前
Yes ..I think so too....
Myka Famorcan
Myka Famorcan 23 日 前
Omg! I think so too! Hahahha
Norfarhanah Md Zin
Norfarhanah Md Zin 23 日 前
Yes.. i think that's his
oi fELix c'mERe bRoO wAtcHa mAke bRoO
oi fELix c'mERe bRoO wAtcHa mAke bRoO 23 日 前
i remember seokjin, somin and jaesuk kept eating noodles😭😭😭
Tanned Potato
Tanned Potato 16 日 前
That episode was sooooo hilourious
Soba soba soba...wkwkwkkw so funny moments
coldramyeon 20 日 前
HAHAHA yesss the legacy of the okinawa noodles tragedy lives on
oi fELix c'mERe bRoO wAtcHa mAke bRoO
oi fELix c'mERe bRoO wAtcHa mAke bRoO 22 日 前
@Kenny L i know lol, i just remember since they are also in a team in this ep
love rose
love rose 22 日 前
Yes, when they went to japan 😭
Christopher Liang
Christopher Liang 23 日 前
oi fELix c'mERe bRoO wAtcHa mAke bRoO
oi fELix c'mERe bRoO wAtcHa mAke bRoO 23 日 前
i hope they travel again and do some challenges abroad, it was one of the funniest and exciting ep.
Rubiah Yahaya
Rubiah Yahaya 23 日 前
@Random Perry ...Agree
Muhammad Nazerin Saripin
Muhammad Nazerin Saripin 23 日 前
Covid so they cant
RYAN F.M. 23 日 前
wait they have plans to go abroad for shooting? Where did you guys hear it?
Random Perry
Random Perry 23 日 前
@oi fELix c'mERe bRoO wAtcHa mAke bRoO yes. Song Ji hyo won and she has not chosen anyone yet to be in her trip to LA. She can only choose one.
oi fELix c'mERe bRoO wAtcHa mAke bRoO
oi fELix c'mERe bRoO wAtcHa mAke bRoO 23 日 前
@Random Perry was it the kjk and sjh episode? when she said that she'll sleep in LA?
Aladia Geswind
Aladia Geswind 23 日 前
I'm so early 😭 🤣 Love from South Africa 🇿🇦
BTS's Chocolate
BTS's Chocolate 23 日 前
TURKISH 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷❤
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