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Jezidca 2
Jihyo so smart
Faruk Nafiz Fazl覺olu
Faruk Nafiz Fazl覺olu 9
Justin Thomas
Sharon Belcher
Sharon Belcher 11
I dearly love Kwangsoo
RedEx 12
Best dynamic, in order: 1* Jae Suk - Kwang Soo 2* Jae Suk - Jong Kook 3* Kwang Soo - Jihyo 4* Spartace 5* Suk Jin - Jae Suk 6* Easy Brothers 7* Jihyo - Haha 8* Kwang Soo - So Min 9* Suk Jin - Jihyo 10* Jae Suk - So Min 11* So Min - Se Chan 12* Jong Kook - Haha 13* Kwang Soo - Jong Kook 14* Jong Kook - Se Chan 15* Kwang Soo - Haha Honorable Mention (So Min - Suk Jin a.k.a "Forbidden Love", Jae Suk - Haha, Jong Kook - So Min, Jae Suk - Jihyo ) I Love RM to death, i love all members
valeria villavicencio
valeria villavicencio 15
subtitulo en espa簽ol T.T
valeria villavicencio
valeria villavicencio 15
subtitulo en espa簽ol T.T
Vrinda Baheti
Vrinda Baheti 19
Legit want Lee kwang soo and yu jae suk to win the couple award next time!
Jono Keren
Jono Keren 20
if we compiled all bits from 10 years of rm, probably will be more than 24 hours video. lol
kkk Cinlly
kkk Cinlly 21
download link : dubox.com/s/1dJk60VqSLsO6LO0DTD9KsA password :pbvj
Aulia Alif
Aulia Alif 22
In my opinion, this dynamic duo is center for all running man games, for all whole story about running man, and we know so many video compilation between them. I think this dynamic duo is the best duo in korean variety show. That's just my opinion.
Atirah Osman
Atirah Osman 22
anyone knows what song at 7:33? thank you
Nur Nabila Azman
Nur Nabila Azman 22
I love kwangsoos annyeongshimika hyung!!!! Remind me of young kwangsoo 10 years ago hahahahaha he never changed
幓伝幓 幓幓幓'幓幓
幓伝幓 幓幓幓'幓幓 23
幓幓幓 s幓 幓幓伝 幓幓幓 幓 幓伝伝阞伝汃 幓幓伝 , 幓幓幓 s幓 .. 幓幓 幓伝伝幓阞伝汃 幓伝幓 阞 幓幓伝幓 阞幓幓 阞幓 s幓 幓幓幓 s幓阞幓幓s
ctrahana 69
ctrahana 69 23
i like runningman story...
MakananKu 23
indeed jaesuk and kwangsoo funny, but haha and jaesuk funny too, why it didnt happen again?
Christopher Tawi
Christopher Tawi 23
SBS should give them, The Best Duo in Variety Show
Malumi Esguerra
Malumi Esguerra 23
No translation
Malumi Esguerra
Malumi Esguerra 23
Dis is latest epesope.
Suzy Suzy
Suzy Suzy 23
What episode is this
Mi Mi
Mi Mi 23
Yes I love them together and jaesuk and suk Jin together there duo is the funniest
how episode running man now guys ?
Afiq Ikmal Roslan
Afiq Ikmal Roslan 23
534.. so today will out 535
Ainina Amanda Putri
Ainina Amanda Putri 23
they always be my fav since i watched running man hahah the way jaesuk shut kwangsoo before he even speak is always hilarious
dersai saydher
dersai saydher 23
Reminds me of the ep of them trying to steal the members clothes as their hidden mission. They were so antagonizing to each other that this is the only episode I remember that was worried by them being figured out early.
酮酮戈酮酮喪洫酮酮 酮酮賴洫酯酮芹酮耜玷
酮酮戈酮酮喪洫酮酮 酮酮賴洫酯酮芹酮耜玷 23
Please upload 2020 SBS Awards
LT productions
LT productions 23
In recent episodes, you can tell yoo jaesuk doesn't pick on kwangsoo that much anymore, i wonder if kwang soo finally got hurt after years of being picked on
Unkl Monk
Unkl Monk 23
No, he still picks on Kwang soon like siblings...and get along just fine when the cameras are off. The only people who hurt the running man members are toxic fans and social media harassments.
Angel Barbie
Angel Barbie 24
LKS so funny, Yoo/Lee the same cards 不
Azuan Dff
Azuan Dff 24
Please make next episode battle cook idol..
Nur Zara
Nur Zara 24
jaesuk's serious face as banker 五 jaesuk n kwangsoo bickering 云 jaesuk vs jessi as always kwangsoo been caught too early 不不 kwangsoo in skirt 不不不 dont know what gonna happened to RM if we dont have crazy funny duo, kwangsoo - jaesuk!
Navas cv
Navas cv 24
youngest member casually slapping one of the most respected person in korea and gets away with it.. lol
Lotus Love
Lotus Love 15
@Muhariz Channel 不不不不不不不不不
hermoine 16
@Muhariz Channel hhahahah yeah even he got jongkook license 不
Muhariz Channel
Muhariz Channel 21
Remember kwangsoo have 'licence'. 不
The Joker21
The Joker21 24
My favourite variety show duo ever I can't get enough of them
Sharon Belcher
Sharon Belcher 11
I watch it and cant get enough USA 綾
Exo Chen with precious meat
Exo Chen with precious meat 24
LeslieMae Lara
LeslieMae Lara 24
Jessi uWu best team up with Jae Seok Oppa LMAO
1990Thunderbolt 24
Jae Suk: Philadelphia Eagles! Kwangsoo: Dallas Cowboys!
helen angelica
helen angelica 24
hake so funny ... LMAO
Irwayu Ramlee
Irwayu Ramlee 24
"Best comedic duo goes to...."
Ian Estremadura
Ian Estremadura 24
When it comes on interfering Kwang Soo hyung's reasoning, Jae Seok hyung is the best! Absolute laughtrip when it comes to these two... 1:14 不不不
Mel Shepard
Mel Shepard 24
These two are hilarious I have laughed my butt off until I almost TTD in my pants too funny theyre great comedians together
Ya Na
Ya Na 24
m廕》h Nguy廙n vn
m廕》h Nguy廙n vn 24
omg this couple is so funny.
Muhamad Khusairy
Muhamad Khusairy 24
look at jessi face at 3.26...she must feel guilty for cheating jaesuk..haha
dial hacky97
dial hacky97 24
please make video about jae suk interupt kwang soo compilation ... *sorry my english not good
Vratika Thakur
Vratika Thakur 21
those videos already exist. Try searching for it. They have eng subs too
Arga Tissana
Arga Tissana 24
That will be long video... Coz every episode Jae Seuk always interupt kwangsoo
Stephone Cloud
Stephone Cloud 24
This dynamic duo always bring so many laugh for us in ten years.. The moment do kwon can't stop laughing because of kwang soo was one of the best for this year..
Squishy Kyungsoo Forever
Squishy Kyungsoo Forever 24
@Lois Wirsa Sanusi ep 516
Lois Wirsa Sanusi
Lois Wirsa Sanusi 24
which episode?
Ahmad Fadhli Rachmat
Ahmad Fadhli Rachmat 24
RM best chemistry is kwang soo and jae seok
sabz_08 repecio
sabz_08 repecio 24
Running Man without JaeSuk n KwangSoo is nothing
DA LE 24
Please make a lot of the videos running man only
Nia Wartabone
Nia Wartabone 24
even to member this rivalry is so funny不
Alviannrizki 24
Andrei Teodoro
Andrei Teodoro 24
Kailan PO babalik si Kang gary
Exo Chen with precious meat
Exo Chen with precious meat 24
Return superman andun c Gary
Ron Zac
Ron Zac 24
Kang Gary has his show on the other network.
Ron Zac
Ron Zac 24
Hindi na babalik si Kang Gary.
Natakyu 24
6:30 lol always add sudden attack
Melody Anfilla
Melody Anfilla 24
Wow they granted my request Thank you snack 歹手歹
Darwisyah 24
chill aiman
chill aiman 24
Before, i really like runningman because of the interesting mission but now, i only watch runningman if there is funny scene about lee kwang soo. He make this show interesting. I felt a little bit uncomfortable about this new runningman.
Scha Almasyhur
Scha Almasyhur 24
Every member make running man interesting..not only lee kwang soo.. It's not his own show..
Joshua Sabiduria
Joshua Sabiduria 24
Early shout out
Eugene Shamar
Eugene Shamar 24
So Nice
Ray Lee
Ray Lee 24
I'm single 休休休休
Irwan Chiwonk
Irwan Chiwonk 24
I'm double... 不不
Joshua Sabiduria
Joshua Sabiduria 24
How old are you
lion fierce
lion fierce 24
Anyone know what episode at 4.11?
Michaela Jaden
Michaela Jaden 24
0:00 - ep 511 1:27 - ep 514 3:32 - ep 516 7:08 - ep 521 8:32 - ep 522 10:52 - ep 523 11:40 - ep 526 12:35 - ep 528
Aulia Alif
Aulia Alif 22
This compilation from all 2020 episode
uri haengbokkie
uri haengbokkie 23
qexocc qis
qexocc qis 24
cHoCo bReaD
cHoCo bReaD 24
I love you朮 thanks~~~
cheshire.cat 24
i want to marry uuuu thanku so much....
Shane Kaiden
Shane Kaiden 24
Very happy 伐歹
Ali Mohamad
Ali Mohamad 24
Fairuz Rizal
Fairuz Rizal 24
Wait which episode is this?
Mohd Shahzrul94
Mohd Shahzrul94 24
Wht episode?
Jimin Kim
Jimin Kim 24
Should've won the best couple award tbh
Quintin Ivan
Quintin Ivan 24
Awesome 伐歹
szackymoo 24
Ignacio Cristopher
Ignacio Cristopher 24
Hi Guys
I love ji hyo..
@Arga Tissana then buzz off..
Arga Tissana
Arga Tissana 24
Video about Jae Seuk and Kwangsoo why talk about Ji Hyo
That one Introvert in class
That one Introvert in class 24
This dynamic duo is just too interesting they shouldve won best comedic duo award if it exists
Firdaus Mohamad
Firdaus Mohamad 23
@dersai saydher because LKS didn't pay comedian fee.
dersai saydher
dersai saydher 23
Only one of them is a comedian.
ItzValerie 23
I Wish Too, Because That Duo Makes Me Funny, And Makes Me Happy When I Was Bored, They Should Gave An Award伐
phrstt ttthsrp
phrstt ttthsrp 24
what episode is this ?
phrstt ttthsrp
phrstt ttthsrp 24
@Michaela Jaden thanks
Michaela Jaden
Michaela Jaden 24
0:00 - ep 511 1:27 - ep 514 3:32 - ep 516 7:08 - ep 521 8:32 - ep 522 10:52 - ep 523 11:40 - ep 526 12:35 - ep 528
Nasra Said
Nasra Said 24
Leejihyo 24
Allen Neal Jones AJ STYLES
Allen Neal Jones AJ STYLES 24
Ashna Anil
Ashna Anil 24
Yoo jae suk and Kwang soo歹歹my favourite duo
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